Baked Samosa Bites

Cut the fat and retain the flavor and texture of a traditional Samosa with these easy Baked Samosa Bites recipe!

Baked Samosa Bites Recipe | How to Bake Samosas |Healthy Snacks | How to bake a Samosa Recipe | Written by Kavitha Ramaswamy of And now I present Baked Samosa Bites.

The traditional deep dried Samosa is and will always be the best way to make this snack. However, one has to look for better alternatives if he/she plans to eat this often.

They take a little bit longer to get ready than the regular version; but if you could avoid all the fat and yet retain all the flavor – wouldn’t you wanna make them this way all the time?Ā  Baked Samosas are almost exactly same as deep fried Samosas. The only difference is in the method of preparation. You could use your favorite filling for these or make the typical Samosa filling we all love. Similarly, you could make them in the conical samosa shape – or do what i did – roll them into bite sized pieces and call them Samosa bites! šŸ™‚ They all taste the same – no matter what shape you roll them into!Ā Ā  (more…)

JalapeƱo Fritters | Molagai Bajji

It is perhaps unfair to post jalapeƱo two days in a row. šŸ˜€ But you need to know just how sinfully delectable both these dishes are. I wouldn’t categorize either of these as “Healthy Foods”. The baked cheese jalapeƱo, although ‘baked’ involves a ton of cheese; while these fritters avoid cheese but make up for the fat by frying in hot oil! Ideally, you could eat one. (or if you’ve been good & working out, then two! :P) Since these fritters are stuffed with mashed potatoes, you’re left feeling full after just one or two. This is a very basic version. I wouldn’t recommend spicing up the stuffing as the jalapeƱos are spicy. (more…)