How to prevent cake top from burning (or cracking)

I really don’t know if people face this problem. But I have and hence – this post! 😀 I remember how every cake I tried in my new convection oven turned up burnt on top and cracked in so many places. Even if I followed the recipe exactly, the outsides would crisp & brown too quickly while the inside would still be uncooked. Obviously, we couldn’t eat uncooked cakes so I had to let it bake inspite of the top browning too much. The crust was burnt and tasted bad. It took me a while to tweak a few things and find the right thing to do! 😀

look at the unappealing crust! (more…)

How to demold cake from cake tin

I’m here with another post for my Baking 101 series! In my last post, I talked about how to properly grease and line a baking tin. Greasing & Lining basically prevents your baked goodie from sticking to the sides of your baking tray. Now, an equally important task is to un-mould your cake or brownie. (The others like cookies, muffins, breads etc. are fairly easy) You may have followed the recipe to the ‘T’, mixed properly, set the temperature right; but unless you master the art of removing the cake from a cake tin, you won’t get to look at the beauty! 😀 (more…)

Chocolate Shards

I’m not a professional cake decorator. I love shortcuts to decorating a beautiful cake- like ready made frosting, decorative edibles et al. But the food blogger in me doesn’t permit paying 100 bucks for a bucket of frosting when I could make the same for 50. 😀 Anyway, this post is not about cost saving or frugal cooking. Its about making one of the easiest chocolate decorations ever!