How to cook Quinoa

Here’s a quick tutorial + tips on how to cook quinoa at home – fluffy, tasty lump-free quinoa!

How to cook Quinoa Recipe | Fluffy, tasty quinoa at home tips | Written by Kavitha Ramaswamy of Quinoa (read – keen-vaa) – a seed rich in protein has come a long way from featuring in health magazines to mainstream cooking. Like it or not, quinoa is a super food that people love to use not just because it is rich in protein, it is also gluten free. It’s delicate, fluffy texture has made it a healthier substitute to starchy rice or pasta. It is one of the fastest cooking lunch staples ever.

I must admit though that I didn’t fall instantly in love with it. But I soon realized the plethora of ways in which I could use this miracle food and get all the health benefits. And I have never looked back since. Here’s how to cook quinoa at home! (more…)

How to make Coconut Milk

Learn how to make Coconut Milk at home with this easy to follow step by step recipe! And fair warning: You may never used the canned stuff ever again!

How to make Coconut Milk Recipe | DIY Homemade Coconut Milk written by Kavitha Ramaswamy of     I apologize.

You weren’t supposed to see my pudgy, stout fingers. *Hides Face* Yes, those fingers are my bane of existence. Despite all those extra pounds in the wrong areas and a capsicum-like nose, I truly love all of me…. except these fingers! They just make me look …. weird! :-/ But, I really did like this concept of shooting Coconut Milk and didn’t find a suitable hand model at the time. So voila! Here you go — unveiling my hand for the world to see! 😛

But let’s focus on the Coconut Milk on my hand, shall we? (more…)

Baking : Back to Basics

I wrote this post so long ago that I kinda wanna laugh at my writing! 😛 But.. shortage of posts in the drafts, some exams and a desperate need to keep the blog alive had me considering re-posting this post on my new blog for you readers! 🙂 So.. some tips to ensure baking is a smooth process — (some might seem really silly. But keep in mind that I wrote this back when I was a kid! :D) (more…)

Choosing an Oven

Whether you’re looking to buy a gas or electric, microwave, convection or an OTG oven, before you hit the stores, you have to make sure the oven you buy is right for you. So, here are the different options you have. Each of them differ in their cooking method, price, space-occupied etc.
(I’m only including the practical ovens in this list. There are a few like earth oven, ceramic oven, masonry oven which cannot be kept at home. If you are interested, you can read here.. :D) (more…)