Rasam Powder

Say hello to Ma. She’s been kind enough (or.. should I say, excited! :P) to share her ‘secret’ Rasam powder recipe with us. 😉 Rasam, Saaru, Chaaru, Saathumudhu… different names, one dish. A tamarind based south Indian soup flavored with various spices to give it a different taste every time. Rasam is an indispensable part of a South Indian feast.

How to prevent cake top from burning (or cracking)

I really don’t know if people face this problem. But I have and hence – this post! 😀 I remember how every cake I tried in my new convection oven turned up burnt on top and cracked in so many places. Even if I followed the recipe exactly, the outsides would crisp & brown too quickly while the inside would still be uncooked. Obviously, we couldn’t eat uncooked cakes so I had to let it bake inspite of the top browning too much. The crust was burnt and tasted bad. It took me a while to tweak a few things and find the right thing to do! 😀

look at the unappealing crust! (more…)

Setting the oven temperature (convection)

I’m here with a short and somewhat shabby post for my Baking 101 series! Shabby because I clicked the pictures in a hurry and it is obviously.. well, shabby! 😛 😀 But I think you’re going to appreciate the knowledge (gyaan) I’m gonna share with you today! 😀 That of setting the temperature correctly in a convection oven. It includes pre-heating too! (more…)