How to demold cake from cake tin

I’m here with another post for my Baking 101 series! In my last post, I talked about how to properly grease and line a baking tin. Greasing & Lining basically prevents your baked goodie from sticking to the sides of your baking tray. Now, an equally important task is to un-mould your cake or brownie. (The others like cookies, muffins, breads etc. are fairly easy) You may have followed the recipe to the ‘T’, mixed properly, set the temperature right; but unless you master the art of removing the cake from a cake tin, you won’t get to look at the beauty! 😀 (more…)

Chocolate Shards

I’m not a professional cake decorator. I love shortcuts to decorating a beautiful cake- like ready made frosting, decorative edibles et al. But the food blogger in me doesn’t permit paying 100 bucks for a bucket of frosting when I could make the same for 50. 😀 Anyway, this post is not about cost saving or frugal cooking. Its about making one of the easiest chocolate decorations ever!

How to make Khoya at home ~ Homemade Mawa

I am one of those stubbornly self sufficient people when it comes to cooking. I love making everything from scratch. So, when I needed mawa to make Mawa Cake, instead of saving 2 hours of my life and buying it from the shop, I decided to make it on my own. Making it is so damn easy and involves almost zero labor!


Homemade Paneer (Cottage Cheese)

You cannot talk about Indian Cuisine without touching Paneer. (read Puh-neer) It is one of the most versatile ingredients ever. Besides using it in savories galore, paneer plays a significant role in many sweet dishes too! It is a cheese made by curdling the milk. Paneer is similar to unsalted cottage cheese. And it is one of the easiest cheeses you could ever make at home! 🙂 Try it out. It might be cheaper than buying. (more…)