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  • Sun-dried Tomato Garlic Pickle

    Spicy Sun-dried Tomato Garlic Pickle from South India!

    Sun-dried Tomato Garlic Pickle Recipe | No stove cooking required | Raw tomato & garlic pickle | Written by Kavitha Ramaswamy of Foodomania.com

    If you are an Indian, you sure must love pickles. Who doesn’t, really? Spicy, tangy and delicious, a well made pickle makes your food taste so good. A simple rice and dal combination can be spruced up with a good spicy pickle. Pickles go with pretty much anything. And this is one pickle you should have in your culinary repertoire.

    For one, you don’t need to make this over the stove, cooking for a long time. You basically let the sun dry out and do all the “cooking”. The flavors are a bit different than if you would cook the pickle, but not in a weird way. The subtle hint of garlic also hits the right note. If you live in a place with ample sun, I suggest you give this one a try.    (more…)

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  • Aam ka Achaar

    Aloo Parathas with this Aam ka Achaar is a favorite among Punjabi food lovers!

    Aam ka Achaar Recipe | Punjabi Mango Pickle | Indian Pickles & Condiments | Aam Achaar step by step pictures | Recipe by Foodomania.com Aam ka achaar literally translates to ‘pickle made with raw mango’. This is one spicy Indian pickle that involves zero cooking. When raw mangoes are in season, we make it a point to preserve them by making a few jars of this pickle, which lasts us all year long.

    This recipe was passed on to us by a friendly neighborhood Punjabi aunty a few years ago, who just couldn’t stop blushing when I couldn’t stop praising the deadly combination of this Achaar with her hot Aloo Parathas!

    The art of making pickles was passed on to Indian mothers by their mothers and grandmothers. From one mother’s kitchen to another and now finally to my recipe database, nothing has changed. Hope you love this achaar as much as I do!


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  • Stewed Strawberries

    Simple stewed strawberries (or cooked fresh berries) that can be used to top of any dessert, waffles, crepes, pancakes etc!

    Stewed Strawberries Recipe | How to cook fresh berries for desserts

    Strawberries are probably one of the only fruits I actually like “cooked” (stewed). I’m not a huge fan of cooked fruits; which is probably why you may never find an apple pie or a poached pear on Foodomania. I did try an apple upside down cake once. But that is the extent of my experiments with cooking fruits. Fruits, I believe, should be consumed in their natural form.

    However, one thing I love is a cup of stewed strawberries served along with whipped cream. The flavor of strawberries intensifies as you cook ’em and you can never have enough of strawberries in your life! 😉 And another reason why I love stewed strawberries so much is because with so little effort, you get a fancy dish that you can use to make other fancy desserts. Over the next 2 weeks, I’m going to show you a plethora of options that you can try with this delicious stewed strawberries!  (more…)

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  • Ginger Pickle

    Ginger Pickle (Inji Oorgai) Recipe

    Growing up, my mum literally forced this Ginger Pickle down my throat everyday.

    “This pickle aids in digestion”, she claimed.

    But to expect a 6 year old to eat something as pungent as a ginger pickle just because of its digestive properties is unreasonable!

    It wasn’t until I grew up to appreciate diverse tastes and started eating stuff that really mattered did I look at this Ginger Pickle with interest. And can I just say, mum was right! It’s annoying how Mums are always right, innit? 😀 (more…)