Ginger Pickle

Ginger Pickle (Inji Oorgai) Recipe

Growing up, my mum literally forced this Ginger Pickle down my throat everyday.

“This pickle aids in digestion”, she claimed.

But to expect a 6 year old to eat something as pungent as a ginger pickle just because of its digestive properties is unreasonable!

It wasn’t until I grew up to appreciate diverse tastes and started eating stuff that really mattered did I look at this Ginger Pickle with interest. And can I just say, mum was right! It’s annoying how Mums are always right, innit? 😀 (more…)

Fresh Vegetable Crostata & Turnovers

Meet my 2 latest obsessions : Vegetable Crostata and Vegetable Turnovers

Vegetable Crostata Recipe

Vegetable Crostata and Summer Vegetable Tart are basically the same thing – in different forms.

So yeah… posting Vegetable Crostata as a separate post may be construed as “cheating” on my part!

But guys. You know what? These are so pretty that I did not want to take the attention away from them by posting Vegetable Crostata and Vegetable Tart in one post! Fair enough? (more…)

Pulikachal (Tamarind Pickle)

Pulikachal recipe | Tamarind pickle or Tamil Pulikkachal

I had mentioned sometime back that South Indians rely on Tamarind for their tang-fixation. And believe me, a LOT of our dishes begin with a tamarind base. So does this Pulikachal. It is a tamarind based pickle that will last forever in your refrigerator! The amazing combination of tang & spice makes this a delicious condiment to have for any quick meal. (more…)