Tangy Coconuty Pudina Chutney

coconut pudina chutney recipe

Are you new to this blog? Do you know me?

Do you know what a big fan of MINT LEAVES I am?

Huge. énorme. kubwa!

I guess you got the point!

This is where my love affair with Mint started. Right at this recipe. Tangy, spicy, coconut-y MINT chutney. My true love! 😀 (more…)

Onion Peanut Chutney

Onion Peanut Chutney

Today is just one of those days when I  feel I would have been better off as a normal girl who spends an hour on Facebook everyday and not a food blogger who spends 6 hours online everyday. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t plan on quitting. EVER. But there are days when I just hate picking up a camera or going to the kitchen to cook something. It doesn’t help that I’m not even responsible for feeding my family! My mother takes care of that. So anything I cook is purely because I’m motivated to try out something new. But on days when I absolutely MUST cook, for example when my mom’s away, I don’t meddle with complicated, 25-step recipes. I stick to simple, 2 minute wonders such as this one! (more…)

Green Chilli Pickle | Molagai Oorgai

This is truly worthy of being on Man vs Food! 😀 Yes, it is THAT spicy! Even after adding in tons of sugar, tamarind and salt to tame the heat, the heat hits your mouth on so many different levels. Why then, would you make this you ask? Well.. it is insanely tasty with bread! Especially stuffed Indian breads.. This is a perfect condiment. Even the tiniest amount of this pickle adds mighty flavors to what you’re eating. Beware! This is not for the pansies! 😉 😀 But I do hope you try this pickle. You will love it!

And FYI, I’m trying a new format for presenting the recipe. Do let me know if you like it or should I go back to my previous style of posting. (more…)