Spiced Oats Buttermilk

Spiced Oats Buttermilk is a cooling, protein & calcium rich drink that you can drink to keep yourself hydrated during these hot summers! Or better yet, drink it all the time for a naturally healthy and filling drink!

Spiced Oats Buttermilk Recipe | Healthy & Cooling Drinks (Lassi) | Indian Oats Chaas or Neer More recipe | Super healthy summer drinks | Post workout healthy smoothies | Written by Kavitha Ramaswamy of Foodomania.com You know those times when you just indulge way too much and want nothing more than a quick fix to flush all that out?

Uh huh. That happens. All.The.Time.

What is your fix? A detox smoothie? Or some lemon juice maybe? For me, it is usually a glass of buttermilk (for you baking fanatics, this doesn’t refer to the one that you make by curdling milk with vinegar). We call it More or Chaas in India and make it by diluting plain yogurt. (more…)

100+ Summer Drinks

Get great ideas for keeping yourself cool & hydrated with over 100+ Summer Drinks Recipes here! Refreshing, Mostly healthy and Non Alcoholic! :)

100+ Summer Drinks Recipes | Fast, Refreshing & Non Alcoholic Drinks & Smoothies Ideas | Compiled by Kavitha Ramaswamy of Foodomania.com | Over 100 ideas for cool drinks for summer. Summer 2014. Love or Hate?

I wanna say LOVE, because I’ve been having a ball! After months of roaming across India, I finally get to be back home. (No, I’m not a nomadic traveler. My job just so happens to send me to places I’ve never even heard of!) Being back home means I finally get to eat healthy, home-cooked meals ON TIME. And because it is Summer, the “meals” are more of drinks / smoothies / milkshakes and so on. And what is not to like when you feed yourself things than instantly make you feel “cool” and “refreshed”?

I’ve bookmarked over 100+ summer drink recipes from all over the internet. I thought you’d all find these ideas useful as well. The only way to keep yourself sane and fresh under the blistering sun is to keep sipping throughout the day! 😀 (more…)

Multigrain Porridge

Easy & healthy multigrain porridge (kanji) made with Finger Millet & a whole lotta protein rich ingredients to give you a wholesome meal in a glass!

Multigrain Porridge Recipe | Ragi Kanji | Finger Millet Malt
Protein Power!

Are you SO busy in the mornings that you often skip breakfast or grab it on-the-go?

You shouldn’t skip breakfast. But of course, you know that. So you probably grab it on-the-go then? Well, in my experience, on-the-go breakfast are usually not healthy.

But if I were to tell you – you could gulp your breakfast down, would you be interested?

Kanji or Porridge is a humble dish that people have been consuming for ages. I believe some people also call this conjee?? Well, this version has been developed by one of my ancestors I believe! 😀 Ragi or Finger Millet is not something everybody likes. But by way of this Porridge / Drink / Smooth / Whatever-you-wanna-call-it, you can now enjoy a glass of protein-deliciousness!   (more…)

Strawberry Agua Fresca

Fresh Strawberry Agua Fresca or Strawberry Water to rejuvenate you!

Strawberry Agua Fresca Recipe | Fresh Mexican Strawberry Water Agua Fresca is just a fancy name for fresh water. And the combination of Strawberry and Lemon juice is … ***long whistles*** amazing!

You don’t need a recipe to tell you to puree some strawberries and squeeze some lemon into a jar and sweeten it up to your liking. But in case you didn’t know or haven’t ever tried this combination, you must drop everything you’re doing to go grab this refreshing drink!

Fresh fruit waters, or Aguas de Frutas, made with pureed fruit are a common drink all over Mexico. This recipe is extremely flavorful and refreshing, especially when fresh strawberries are in season. 🙂   (more…)