Poori (Indian Fried Bread)

Puri (Poori, Boori) is a small, round, flat bread that is deep fried and served with various side-dishes. Poori is much smaller than the Roti. Hardly takes any time. And it is a very tasty substitute for the normal Rotis! This is a very basic version. You can add different spices to the dough to yield flavored poori! (more…)

Tandoori Paneer Pizza

While Pizza is from Italy, there are no hard & fast rules to maintain the Italian flavors! Take this one for example. With quintessential Indian ingredients and cooked over a griddle rather than an oven, this pizza is what you call a perfect combination of Indian & Italian cuisines! 😉 (more…)

Pasta Au Gratin

When you talk about comfort food, Au Gratin is one dish that comes to my mind. Loads of cheese, sauce and vegetable/pasta layered and baked gives the ultimate feeling of being in a comfortable place enjoying homey food. 🙂 Try this delicious Pasta Au Gratin; a combination of Italian & French cuisine in your Microwave! (more…)

Phulka (Wheatflour tortilla)

Phulka (read Full-kaa) is a commonly eaten wheat flour based flat bread in India. It is the staple food of most Indians (well, maybe after Rice! ;)) This is such a wonderful carrier of veggies! You can make any dry vegetable/stuffing and roll the Phulka to get a healthy snack. Besides, the 100gazillion types of dry & wet curries we make need some kind of bread to eat. And Phulka is the most healthy form of bread; tortilla, rather. (more…)