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  • Bhel Puri (Type 2)

    If you have all the elements of this dish on hand, putting together a Bhel Puri takes less than 5 minutes!

    Bhel Puri Recipe | How to make Bombay Street Food Chaat Bhel Poori by Kavitha Ramaswamy from Foodomania.com | Easiest Mumbai Street Food Recipe ever! | Bhel Puri Made Easy & Healthy Okay. You got me. This is the second time I’m posting a Bhel Puri recipe on my blog. But in all fairness, this is a variation on the first one. And it is my new favorite way to make and eat this popular Mumbai chaat food.

    I use a secret blend of spices in this recipe to intensify the flavors. And I also add a bunch of crunchy veggies to add a healthy element to this otherwise junk food. Other than the deep fried “Puri” or “Sev”, this dish is quite healthy! You could skip the unhealthy elements of the dish if you want, but a little something never hurt anybody! 😉  (more…)

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  • Lentil Salad

    Easy & Healthy South Indian Lentil Salad with toasted Coconuts.

    Lentil Salad Recipe

    Today I’m going to show you exactly how easy it is to put together a salad.

    Ha-Ha! Like you already didn’t know that.

    But you see, making salads is not about cutting a few veggies and tossing them together. It’s about finding that perfect blend of flavors and crunchiness whilst maintaining the original taste of the base itself. Take this Lentil Salad for example. On its own, the lentils are fine – no biggie. But toss them together with some toasted coconuts and you have yourself the world’s best Indian flavored Lentil Salad. 😉 (more…)

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  • Caprese Salad Pizza

    Anyone who knows me probably knows that I hate salads. I just cant wrap my head around the fact that eating veggies is good, especially raw. But then, what if I combined salads with my favorite form of carbs – A pizza base?! 😀 Wouldn’t that be the same thing? Except now, I believe I’m eating a Pizza and wouldn’t make a fuss about ‘uncooked food’. 😛 (more…)