Cold Pasta Salad

Disclaimer: The idea of a cold pasta is still weird for me. And even weirder is the dressing I used for this. I don’t guarantee the ‘taste’ because I didn’t eat this. However, my brother, who usually eats everything I make, relished every bite. So if you trust his opinion, then go ahead with it. 😛 However, I will tell you this: This is a MUCH healthier option than a Mayo or Béchamel sauce. (more…)

A Healthy Salad

To call this a Salad Recipe would be an insult to your intelligence. Let’s just say this is how I like my salads.. 🙂 A little corn, some onions, capsicum, tomatoes (a MUST!) and a dash of lemon… The job gets done in under 5 minutes, its tasty and you don’t have to worry about it depositing on your hips or thighs! 😉 Feel free to add or skip any other vegetables or sprouts. (more…)