Kathirikkai Gotsu | Eggplant tamarind curry

I don’t show the interest for traditional Tamil recipes as much as my interest for other cuisines. I think it is probably because food is still Ma’s responsibility and she never fails to cook up a hearty south Indian meal every time. And since she does it all, I don’t feel the need to ‘experiment’ Tamil recipes. If in doubt, ask her is my motto! 😀 Can I be honest with you? I sneak in and click pics while she’s cooking so that I don’t have to *re-cook* it for the blog! 😛 Yep. I’m a cheater cheater compulsive eater! 😀 Rest assured, I’m sure I can make all these recipes with as much skill as I whip up a black forest cake! *Collars up* And I only cheat with some of these traditional Tamil recipes. And better yet, I give her due credit. 😛 😀 (more…)