101 Awesome Holiday Treats

101 Awesome Holiday Treats Collection! Browse to find lots of recipe ideas for cakes, cookies, cupcakes, brownies & more amazing desserts for the Holiday Season!

101 Awesome Holiday Treats Recipes | Collection by Kavitha Ramaswamy of Foodomania.com

You didn’t think I would let the¬†Christmas month go by without enticing you with some stunning Holiday treats, did ya? ūüėČ

Well, if you knew my love for¬†making lists, you would have totally seen this one coming! Roundups and Lists are so much fun to put together, because they give me (and you) a wide variety of options to choose from! Here I have for you, some 101 awesome holiday treats … and you get to choose what you’d be making for Christmas (or any Holiday, really!).

One of the best things about the holiday season is that it gives us an excuse to make gorgeous, over-the-top desserts. With all the entertaining going on during this time of year, we all deserve fancy sweet treats that will impress everyone with our overall awesomeness. These baked treats and easy desserts will make that happen. Go get your Holiday Apron on and get making some fabulous treats for your loved ones!

Without further ado, let’s get started! (more…)

100 Diwali Snacks Recipes

An awesome collection of over 100 Diwali Snacks Recipes! Diwali or not, these recipes from the best web-blogs will leave you drooling and craving for more!

100+ Diwali Snacks Recipes from Foodomania.com | What to make for Indian festival Deepavali - compiled by Kavitha Ramaswamy

It is 19th October, 2014. Diwali is in less than 4¬†days. Are you ready with the tastiest of snack dishes – waiting to celebrate the Indian festival of lights with your friends & family? Stalking food sites for traditional & modern recipes is one of my favorite pastime. And I’ve collected some of the best Diwali snacks recipes from all over the internet for you! These recipes may represent the kind of delicacies (especially deep fried ones) that are prepared across India. Some are quintessential to certain parts of the country while some are prepared by one & all. Either ways, all of these snack dishes are delicious and can be great addition to your menu.

Some have a shorter shelf life (like Medhu Vada or Bhajiya) while some last for 10-15 days (like Sev or Thattai). Most people choose to make snacks that last longer, so that sharing is easier and they can enjoy the same for a longer time.

So, without further ado, let us look at some amazing Diwali Snacks Recipes!


50 Ganesh Chaturthi Recipes

We have a collection of 50 delicious, vegetarian Ganesh Chaturthi Recipes! Browse through these Indian delicacies to choose an auspicious menu for the festival!

ganesh chaturthi recipes

Ganesh Chaturthi is a Hindu festival celebrated on the birthday of Lord Ganesha, son of Lord Shiva & Goddess Parvati. Ganesha is widely worshiped as the god of wisdom, prosperity and good fortune and is traditionally invoked at the beginning of any new venture! This festival is celebrated in all parts of India, and is especially prominent in Maharashtra. This festival usually falls between August 18th to September 22nd and lasts for 11-13 days. During the festival, idols of Ganesha are hosted in various homes and delicious food, known as Prasaad,  is offered to the Lord. You can read more about the festival here.

Food, as always, is an important part of the festival.Various versions of Modaks (also known as Kozhakattai / Kadubu / Modagam / Sughiyan) are prepared as offerings to the Lord. It is a kind of sweet dumpling and varies from region to region. A kind of savory mixture is also commonly prepared in households.

Different people follow different traditions and rituals and the food varies with region. To get the list of Ganesh Chaturthi recipes, continue reading!


100+ Summer Drinks

Get great ideas for keeping yourself cool & hydrated with over 100+ Summer Drinks Recipes here! Refreshing, Mostly healthy and Non Alcoholic! :)

100+ Summer Drinks Recipes | Fast, Refreshing & Non Alcoholic Drinks & Smoothies Ideas | Compiled by Kavitha Ramaswamy of Foodomania.com | Over 100 ideas for cool drinks for summer. Summer 2014. Love or Hate?

I wanna say LOVE, because I’ve been having a ball! After months of roaming across India, I finally get to be back home. (No, I’m not a nomadic traveler. My job just so happens to send me to places I’ve never even heard of!) Being back home means I finally get to eat healthy, home-cooked meals ON TIME. And because it is Summer, the “meals” are more of drinks / smoothies / milkshakes and so on. And what is not to like when you feed yourself things than instantly make you feel “cool” and “refreshed”?

I’ve bookmarked over 100+ summer drink recipes from all over the internet. I thought you’d all find these ideas useful as well. The only way to keep yourself sane and fresh under the blistering sun is to keep sipping throughout the day! ūüėÄ (more…)