Pillsbury Choco Chip Idli Cake

Pillsbury Choco Chip Idli Cake by Foodomania

Idli is a staple in our household. As South Indians, we eat this humble dish almost every other day. Steamed rice and dal cakes for a healthy breakfast? Why yes of course!

The process of steaming batter always gives a lovely soft texture that intrigues me. In fact, I sometimes prefer the texture of a steamed cake over a baked cake. It is undoubtedly softer and quicker to steam cakes than to bake them.   (more…)

Fabelle’s Chocolicious Raksha Bandhan Offering

Surprise your sibling with a box of these delicious chocolate pralines from Fabelle!

Fabelle's Chocolicious Raksha Bandhan Offering

I have a younger brother. I’ve mentioned him quite a few times on this blog. He’s the guinea pig to all my culinary experiments. He shamelessly proclaims that Foodomania wouldn’t exist without him being around to taste all that I cook. While I want to disagree, I can’t. Because it is the truth! With Raksha Bandhan around the corner (if you’re reading this brother, make sure to get me a nice gift),

When I got to visit the Fabelle boutique in Mumbai a couple of days ago to taste their Raksha Bandhan offering, I was pleasantly surprised by the variety of pralines and the research that went into each little offering. The depth of flavor and textures in each of the pralines are amazing. As I spent over an hour trying one praline after another, I could only imagine how much thought went into blending unique flavors together!    (more…)

The Food Innovation Story

This past weekend, I got to visit the quaint little offices of VKL Group in Mumbai and experience Food Service India’s hospitality.

Marim Bula White Wine Sangria

Food Service India (FSI)  is India’s largest F&B solutions provider. They work exclusively with hotels, restaurants and caterers (HORECA). They provide the widest range of products to restaurants covering soups, appetizers, main course and desserts across cuisines such as Indian, Oriental/Eastern, Continental/Western and Fast food.

You can imagine my surprise when I was invited to be part of a celebration of food, drink and conversation – especially since I’m none of the 3 segments they cater to! But in their own words – “you are our end consumer and we wanted to connect with you to get your experience“. And I knew it was going to be a fun afternoon!