Roasted Vegetable Soup

Aromatic roasted vegetable soup with with intense flavors of the roasted veggies is a healthy and hearty dish to include in your daily diet.

Roasted Vegetable Soup Recipe | Healthy Vegetarian Soups written by Kavitha Ramaswamy of

1) Use up all the vegetables in your fridge

2) Dump them onto a baking sheet and roast for about 30 minutes.

3) Grind to a soup and flavor with salt and pepper.

Lo & Behold! You have a healthy and hearty soup ready! I’m an ardent soup drinker. And tomato veggie soup is used to be my favorite…. until I found out this gem. Roasting the veggies in the oven (or the grill) to let it caramelize and develop a smoky flavor just amplifies the flavor of this soup by a 100 notches! So intense is the flavor that you don’t really need much to season it. Just some salt and pepper would give you an aromatic bowl of roasted vegetable soup that you’re guaranteed to love! And serve it with some crusty wholewheat bread to have a wholesome meal in itself!   (more…)

Mysore Rasam

The aroma of freshly ground spices in this Mysore Rasam will enchant your taste-buds like no other South Indian Rasam ever has!

Mysore Rasam Recipe | South Indian Rasam with Arachuvitta Coconut    Wait, did I just indicate that this Rasam is the BEST rasam in the world? Yea-huh, I think I just did. Of all the flavorful broths in the South Indian cuisine, Mysore Rasam (in my opinion) is the King.

Made with freshly ground spices and coconut in a tamarind based stock, this rasam served with hot rice and some crispy stir fried potatoes makes an awesome lunch or dinner meal. Even if you want to avoid the carb in rice, you can drink this lentil soup like broth as is… It is an instant energizer! In almost every South Indian function, you’d find this Mysore Rasam as a part of the meal.  (more…)

Tomato Soup

This Tomato Soup is fancy enough to be a great party drink and at the same time is an elixir for cold or flu!

TOMATO SOUP RECIPE | Healthy Vegan Tomatoes & Vegetable Soup

I don’t mean to whine on my blog here but WTF is wrong with the weather in Mumbai? It was supposed to be the month of bright sun before winter set in. But the rain doesn’t seem to wanna say goodbye! With climate yo-yo comes cold, flu, viral fever, sore throat et al… And because yours truly has the worst immune system ever, she is first ones to fall sick.

I’ve been down with a bad case of flu and this soup has truly been my bowl of comfort. Besides, you’ve seen the smooth soups at restaurants? Well… this one is like that. You could of course adjust the flavors to suit your palate. (more…)

Ginger Pickle

Ginger Pickle (Inji Oorgai) Recipe

Growing up, my mum literally forced this Ginger Pickle down my throat everyday.

“This pickle aids in digestion”, she claimed.

But to expect a 6 year old to eat something as pungent as a ginger pickle just because of its digestive properties is unreasonable!

It wasn’t until I grew up to appreciate diverse tastes and started eating stuff that really mattered did I look at this Ginger Pickle with interest. And can I just say, mum was right! It’s annoying how Mums are always right, innit? 😀 (more…)