Stewed Strawberries

Simple stewed strawberries (or cooked fresh berries) that can be used to top of any dessert, waffles, crepes, pancakes etc!

Stewed Strawberries Recipe | How to cook fresh berries for desserts

Strawberries are probably one of the only fruits I actually like “cooked” (stewed). I’m not a huge fan of cooked fruits; which is probably why you may never find an apple pie or a poached pear on Foodomania. I did try an apple upside down cake once. But that is the extent of my experiments with cooking fruits. Fruits, I believe, should be consumed in their natural form.

However, one thing I love is a cup of stewed strawberries served along with whipped cream. The flavor of strawberries intensifies as you cook ’em and you can never have enough of strawberries in your life! 😉 And another reason why I love stewed strawberries so much is because with so little effort, you get a fancy dish that you can use to make other fancy desserts. Over the next 2 weeks, I’m going to show you a plethora of options that you can try with this delicious stewed strawberries!  (more…)

Multigrain Porridge

Easy & healthy multigrain porridge (kanji) made with Finger Millet & a whole lotta protein rich ingredients to give you a wholesome meal in a glass!

Multigrain Porridge Recipe | Ragi Kanji | Finger Millet Malt
Protein Power!

Are you SO busy in the mornings that you often skip breakfast or grab it on-the-go?

You shouldn’t skip breakfast. But of course, you know that. So you probably grab it on-the-go then? Well, in my experience, on-the-go breakfast are usually not healthy.

But if I were to tell you – you could gulp your breakfast down, would you be interested?

Kanji or Porridge is a humble dish that people have been consuming for ages. I believe some people also call this conjee?? Well, this version has been developed by one of my ancestors I believe! 😀 Ragi or Finger Millet is not something everybody likes. But by way of this Porridge / Drink / Smooth / Whatever-you-wanna-call-it, you can now enjoy a glass of protein-deliciousness!   (more…)

Strawberry Agua Fresca

Fresh Strawberry Agua Fresca or Strawberry Water to rejuvenate you!

Strawberry Agua Fresca Recipe | Fresh Mexican Strawberry Water Agua Fresca is just a fancy name for fresh water. And the combination of Strawberry and Lemon juice is … ***long whistles*** amazing!

You don’t need a recipe to tell you to puree some strawberries and squeeze some lemon into a jar and sweeten it up to your liking. But in case you didn’t know or haven’t ever tried this combination, you must drop everything you’re doing to go grab this refreshing drink!

Fresh fruit waters, or Aguas de Frutas, made with pureed fruit are a common drink all over Mexico. This recipe is extremely flavorful and refreshing, especially when fresh strawberries are in season. 🙂   (more…)

Almond Butter Pasta

Almond Butter Pasta ~~ a 10 minute healthy, vegan recipe! Spaghetti tossed with a simple sauce made with almond butter, tomato & onions!

Almond Butter Pasta Recipe | Spaghetti in a quick almond butter sauce

Wednesday nights are the worst. The weekend is so near and yet so far! I cannot complain (yet) since I don’t do all the cooking at home, but for those who do, I can only imagine how exhausting it must be to get back home from work and start another huge task. I love cooking, but I doubt how much I’d be able to do when all I wanna do is relax on a Wednesday night and watch Modern Family! 🙂  (more…)