Vegetable Pulao with Raita

This is my go to recipe for making vegetable pulao in the pressure cooker. A simple one pot meal to put together at any time!

Vegetable Pulao and Raita Recipe | How to make Pulav in Pessure Cooker I’m now seriously wondering how many rice dishes I can convince you to make. After baking, making one pot meals seems to be my most favorite thing to do. And why not??? When you can have flavorful, piping hot Pilaf in under 30 minutes, making this is the intelligent thing to do; especially when you’re short for time and longing to eat a meal fit for the kings!

Vegetable Pulao is an Indian rice based dish that is made with aromatic long grained rice (called Basmati) and a mixture of various dry spices, veggies and fruits & nuts. Although this recipe is made in the Pressure Cooker, you can just as easily adapt this onto a pan with high sides. Having a pressure cooker just makes your job easier.

And to serve, you can make any spicy curry / gravy based dish or a simple “Raita” – which is nothing but diced onions, cucumbers, etc. mixed with salted yogurt. The cooling effect of the Raita and the spicy Pulao together make a heavenly combo!   (more…)

Mysore Rasam

The aroma of freshly ground spices in this Mysore Rasam will enchant your taste-buds like no other South Indian Rasam ever has!

Mysore Rasam Recipe | South Indian Rasam with Arachuvitta Coconut    Wait, did I just indicate that this Rasam is the BEST rasam in the world? Yea-huh, I think I just did. Of all the flavorful broths in the South Indian cuisine, Mysore Rasam (in my opinion) is the King.

Made with freshly ground spices and coconut in a tamarind based stock, this rasam served with hot rice and some crispy stir fried potatoes makes an awesome lunch or dinner meal. Even if you want to avoid the carb in rice, you can drink this lentil soup like broth as is… It is an instant energizer! In almost every South Indian function, you’d find this Mysore Rasam as a part of the meal.  (more…)

South Indian Curd Rice

The climax to every meal is the South Indian Curd Rice…. you know, for us South Indians anyway! 😉

South Indian Curd Rice Recipe | Thayir Sadam / Daddojanam / Perugannam

For most South Indians, Curd Rice is the customary end to every lunch and dinner meal. We can indulge in the spiciest of all dishes, but we like to end the meal with something that is easy and light on our stomach. It aids in digestion, cools off any revolt that is happening in there as a result of spicy foods and gives us the much needed calcium and protein.    (more…)

Chocolate covered Strawberries

Easy, homemade chocolate covered strawberries are the perfect healthy dessert you can have whenever sweet cravings strike!

Chocolate covered Strawberries Recipe | chocolate dipped strawberries **Drools**

Mamma Mia!

I’m completely smitten by chocolate covered strawberries. I’m loving the person who discovered this bomb diggity combination! That guy / girl must’ve had a whirlwind romance! Honestly, how can someone not love you when you serve them not ONE but TWO aphrodisiacs at once?!

This would take 5 – maybe 10 minutes to make! But the chocolate and strawberry connection is a must try for all you dessert lovers! This is a far healthier dessert than anything else. If you’re looking for quick recipes to impress your loved ones this Valentine’s Day, then you should definitely check out my simple chocolate covered strawberries! 🙂 (more…)