Homemade Paneer (Cottage Cheese)

You cannot talk about Indian Cuisine without touching Paneer. (read Puh-neer) It is one of the most versatile ingredients ever. Besides using it in savories galore, paneer plays a significant role in many sweet dishes too! It is a cheese made by curdling the milk. Paneer is similar to unsalted cottage cheese. And it is one of the easiest cheeses you could ever make at home! 🙂 Try it out. It might be cheaper than buying.

HOMEMADE PANEER RECIPE | How to make Cottage Cheese at home

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Prep Time – 5 min
Total Time – 3-4 hours
Makes –  1 cup (200 gms)

1 liter milk (whole or 2%)
1.5 tbsp vinegar / lemon juice
Thin kitchen cloth (muslin cloth)

Bring the milk to a boil stirring occasionally so that the milk does not stick to the bottom of the vessel

When the milk start to boil, add the vinegar/citric acid/lemon juice and keep stirring

The milk will start curdling and the milk particles will separate from the whey(liquid)

Once the liquid is clear, switch off the flame

Drain the whey by pouring it in a vessel lined with the thin muslin cloth

Rinse the cheese with water to remove the vinegar/citric acid taste

Gently wrap the cheese with the same cloth and squeeze the extra water. (if you squeeze too hard, the cheese comes out)
Hang the cheese wrapped with the cloth over the sink for 3-4 hours. Alternatively, wrap the cheese tightly. Place a heavy weight on top of it and leave it like that for 4 hours

Chill until use.

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  1. Beautiful presentation. Love how you make it look so simple!

  2. awesome.. somehow i could never get it right.. i think 1litre makes 200gm paneer right.. wud try it soon

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