Pasta Au Gratin

When you talk about comfort food, Au Gratin is one dish that comes to my mind. Loads of cheese, sauce and vegetable/pasta layered and baked gives the ultimate feeling of being in a comfortable place enjoying homey food. 🙂 Try this delicious Pasta Au Gratin; a combination of Italian & French cuisine in your Microwave! (more…)

Phulka (Wheatflour tortilla)

Phulka (read Full-kaa) is a commonly eaten wheat flour based flat bread in India. It is the staple food of most Indians (well, maybe after Rice! ;)) This is such a wonderful carrier of veggies! You can make any dry vegetable/stuffing and roll the Phulka to get a healthy snack. Besides, the 100gazillion types of dry & wet curries we make need some kind of bread to eat. And Phulka is the most healthy form of bread; tortilla, rather. (more…)


Cholafali (read: cho-laa-fuh-lee) is a popular Gujarati snack often prepared during the festival of Diwali. These are spicy mixed flour fingers deep fried in oil. Simple ingredients, some times on hand, and loads of patience with the dough gives you this excellent snack which can be as versatile as you can make it. Today’s recipe is basic enough for people not familiar with this. (more…)