Fabelle’s Chocolicious Raksha Bandhan Offering

Surprise your sibling with a box of these delicious chocolate pralines from Fabelle!

Fabelle's Chocolicious Raksha Bandhan Offering

I have a younger brother. I’ve mentioned him quite a few times on this blog. He’s the guinea pig to all my culinary experiments. He shamelessly proclaims that Foodomania wouldn’t exist without him being around to taste all that I cook. While I want to disagree, I can’t. Because it is the truth! With Raksha Bandhan around the corner (if you’re reading this brother, make sure to get me a nice gift),

When I got to visit the Fabelle boutique in Mumbai a couple of days ago to taste their Raksha Bandhan offering, I was pleasantly surprised by the variety of pralines and the research that went into each little offering. The depth of flavor and textures in each of the pralines are amazing. As I spent over an hour trying one praline after another, I could only imagine how much thought went into blending unique flavors together!    (more…)

Caramel Chocolate Gateau

I baked a simple Caramel Chocolate Gateau to celebrate Foodomania’s 5th birthday!

Caramel chocolate gateau recipe by foodomania.com

A simple chocolate sponge cake cut into layers, sandwiched with some homemade caramel sauce and chocolate fudge frosting. That’s what this gateau is. If you have the frosting ready, this shouldn’t take more than an hour-hour and a half to put together. A Gateau is just a fancy name for cake with layers – layers of cake, frosting, fruit and other delicious things you find in desserts. Since I’m a huge fan of chocolate (who isn’t) and caramel (again, who isn’t?), I thought this would be an ideal way to kick off the next year of Foodomania!   (more…)

Grilled Roti Sandwich

Grilled Roti Sandwich is a simple lunchbox recipe for kids and adults alike!

Grilled Roti Sandwich Recipe | Use a grill pan or a toaster to make tortilla sandwich

I wonder how something that taste so delicious looks so ordinary? I used a Sandwich Grill / Toaster to make this grilled roti sandwich and I’m so glad with how it turned out.

With something as simple as roti (or any tortilla, really) and leftover veggies, you can whip up this delicious snack in as less as 5 minutes! Read on to find out how to make this grilled roti sandwich.    (more…)