How to make Tomato Puree | Canned Tomatoes substitute

A quick how-to post.

If you are a fan of growing tomatoes, then you will most likely come to a time in the summer when tomatoes are ripening faster than you can use them. There are plenty of easy ways to preserve them so they don’t lose their wonderful flavor and freshness. Most recipes will call for blanched tomatoes and if you want to freeze them or make sauce from them, they will need to be blanched.

You can make the puree by blanching the tomatoes first or directly blending the tomatoes. Blanching also cuts the tangyness of the tomatoes.

Step 1: Blanch tomatoes by boiling in hot water and then peeling skin off. Click here to read how.

Step 2: Add the blanched tomatoes to a blender

Step 3: Blend to a smooth puree

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  1. Thank u for the prompt reply.keep up the good work.

  2. Hi..can u plz tell me shelf life of this when refrigerated in fridge and in freezer..thank u

    1. In fridge about a week and in the freezer about 2-3 weeks

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