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Wake up and smell the Coffee

Once you wake up and smell the coffee, it’s hard to go back to sleep. – Fran Drescher

Saeco coffee machine review Before Starbucks came to India, our very own “Filter Kaapi” was creating quite the hoopla amongst coffee lovers. (Okay, this may be a fact-less statement, since a lot of us still drink filter coffee). To make our Filter Kaapi, we go to the local coffee grinder and stock up our pantry with the freshly ground coffee powder (mixed with Chicory of course). We make the decoction, extract the black coffee and mix with milk / cream / sugar etc. to enjoy our cuppa coffee. Needless to say, this little ritual ensures we get our “fresh” coffee every single day.

If you are a true coffee lover, you most likely would hate the coffee made with instant espresso powders or other coffee powders – and with good reason. Whilst storing the powder for long time use may seem like a practical solution, it just does not ensure a “fresh” flavor. The best way is and will always be to grind your own mix and make fresh coffee whenever you desire. For someone who loves and needs their cuppa every day, owing a coffee machine could provide the fresh burst of flavor.

One such coffee machine that promises to deliver the very best of espresso-at-home experience is the Philips Intelia One Touch cappuccino maker.

The people at Philips were kind enough to send over this machine for me to experience it’s ‘very best in taste, design and performance‘ qualities. After using the cappuccino maker for over 2 weeks, here’s my experience –

Design – It is the first fully automatic home espresso machine with special focus on involving all key senses; from sight, to smell, touch, taste and feel. It is about 1 ft high and feels like a “heavy duty” machine. I immediately felt –  here was a machine that could withstand long hours of grinding coffee beans! This suave looking cappuccino maker comes with 100% ceramic grinders which prevent your coffee from burning! It also comes with a quick heat boiler, dual chamber milk carafe that provides the froth and an automatic cleaning system!

“Roasted Coffee Beans that are ground right when you need your coffee ensure you get the maximum burst of flavor”

How to use it? – Choose your input – roasted coffee beans or plain coffee powder (the standard quantity to be loaded per batch is about 42 coffee beans or 7 grams of powder, for which the supplied measuring spoon comes handy). You can choose to make the regular CappuccinoItalian Espresso, or Black coffee. Besides, you could also use the additional spouts to froth your milk or get hot water.

Cleaning – It has an automatic cleaning mechanism. You fill your water-pot and simply press a button to start the cleaning (which you must do every day). The internal cleaning mechanism starts and in about 5 minutes, your coffee maker has fully cleansed every spout! There is another complete cleansing mechanism that takes about 45 minutes or so to clean the entire machine. This has to be done once in 6-12 months.

Flavor – To say it was really good – would be an understatement. Freshly ground roasted coffee beans ensures maximization of the espresso flavor. Whether you have it with milk / without milk / black / light – you will definitely notice the improved taste and smell of the coffee!

CostPhilips Intelia One Touch costs around Rupees 75,000. It is definitely a high-end product and probably not feasible for the average Indian customer. But hey, if you can afford it, who am I to tell you otherwise?

What could be better? – While the whole experience was special and exciting, I did feel like the heat was just not enough for us. We like our coffees extremely hot and this was just hot. We had to microwave it for about 20 seconds before drinking it. If the machine had an option to choose your temperatures, it would be a truly unbeatable coffee machine! :)

Would I recommend it? – Well, that depends. For someone who enjoys an occasional cup of coffee, this would be a pretty hefty investment. But for someone who is extremely passionate about coffee and can afford 75 grand, this would definitely be a really great add to your kitchen essentials!

For more information, check out their website!

disclaimer – views expressed in this post are entirely mine.

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