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100+ Cinco de Mayo Recipes

Apr 26, 2016         2 comments.

Get inspiration and ideas for over 100+ Cinco de Mayo Recipes here! | Only Vegetarian or Vegan Mexican & Spanish Recipes listed in this Roundup! 🙂
Get ideas & inspirations for over 100 Cinco de Mayo Recipes Roundup | Tasty Vegetarian & Vegan Cinco de Mayo Recipes | Great ideas for a Cinco de Mayo Party | What to make for Cinco de Mayo | Vegetarian Mexican Party recipe ideas | Foodomania.com | list compiled by Kavitha Ramaswamy

Reposting this one from 2014. Enjoy!

Cinco de Mayo is a celebrated on the 5th of May by Mexican communities in Mexico and USA to commemorate the Mexican victory over the French in the Battle of Puebla in 1862. I believe the phrase “Cinco de Mayo” actually means “Fifth of May” in Spanish. It is a celebration of Mexican heritage and pride.

Food of course is the pride of every culture. And the popularity that Mexican food has gained all over the world is commendable. Tortilla chips or Nachos or Tacos are words that have become interchangeable with Mexican Food. There is of course so much more to Mexican cuisine that just these few dishes.

And so, I’ve put together a list of over 100 Cinco de Mayo recipes consisting of ideas for nachos, tacos, fajita, enchilada, quesadilla, churros, salsa, tortilla chips, chocoflan and much much more! And of course – they are Vegetarian or Vegan recipes only! 

Browse through some great Vegetarian / Vegan Cinco de Mayo Recipes below —

I hope you’ve enjoyed my collection of cinco de mayo recipes. These are Mexican recipes that I’ve either tried or are in my to-do list! Do let me know if you found this list helpful! Also, I’d love to know what you’re favorite Mexican recipe is? Are you celebrating Cinco de Mayo? If yes, what are you making??? 🙂

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