100+ Easter Recipes | Tasty Treats for Easter (Eggless & Vegan)

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100+ Easter Recipes

Mar 22, 2016         2 comments.

Get ideas and inspirations for over 100+ Easter Recipes here.. Tasty Easter Treats | Eggless Or Vegan Recipes Only!

100+ Easter Recipes Ideas

Are you in the Easter mood yet? If not, I’ve got about 100+ Easter Recipes to get you thinking about what to make for this Holiday!!

I’m re-posting this from 2015 to give you plenty of time and ideas to plan a fantastic Easter menu!

Easter to me is all about chocolate eggs, bunny shaped cupcakes, Swiss rolls and other delicious treats! For those curious, read up about Easter here. 🙂 There are obviously different Easter traditions around the world. Like for example, Ham may be the centerpiece of an Easter dinner table in the US while the European families may go for the traditional Hot Cross Buns, cheesecakes etc. I’m not familiar with many traditions around this as we don’t celebrate it, but I do know that food is a very important part of this festival.

From eggless cakes to vegan cookies; brunch ideas to full meal recipes, I’ve looked far and wide to bring you delicious ideas and inspirations to spread the love through food!

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2 Comments on “100+ Easter Recipes

  1. Looks amazing! Love that the collection not only includes sweets but also ideas for a full course meal! Thanks for putting this together!

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