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100+ Summer Drinks

May 11, 2014         one comment.

Get great ideas for keeping yourself cool & hydrated with over 100+ Summer Drinks Recipes here! Refreshing, Mostly healthy and Non Alcoholic! :)

100+ Summer Drinks Recipes | Fast, Refreshing & Non Alcoholic Drinks & Smoothies Ideas | Compiled by Kavitha Ramaswamy of Foodomania.com | Over 100 ideas for cool drinks for summer.Summer 2014. Love or Hate?

I wanna say LOVE, because I’ve been having a ball! After months of roaming across India, I finally get to be back home. (No, I’m not a nomadic traveler. My job just so happens to send me to places I’ve never even heard of!) Being back home means I finally get to eat healthy, home-cooked meals ON TIME. And because it is Summer, the “meals” are more of drinks / smoothies / milkshakes and so on. And what is not to like when you feed yourself things than instantly make you feel “cool” and “refreshed”?

I’ve bookmarked over 100+ summer drink recipes from all over the internet. I thought you’d all find these ideas useful as well. The only way to keep yourself sane and fresh under the blistering sun is to keep sipping throughout the day! 😀

A typical summer day for me would involve —

  1. 3 liters (around 12 glasses) of Water
  2. Milk / Yogurt based shake with breakfast
  3. Yogurt drink with lunch
  4. Mocktails / Fruit Juices for my 4 pm hunger
  5. Lots of Watermelon.

Here’s MY big list of fruit juices, drinks, smoothies, milkshakes that I’ll be drinking a LOT this summer! (Over 100+ Summer Drinks listed here!!!)

{P.S: My list of 100+ summer drinks are non-alcoholic. But there’s no reason why you shouldn’t add a splash of your favorite alcohol to these recipes and make them zingy! 🙂 }

Hope you enjoyed this big list of 100+ Summer Drinks! 🙂 Do you have a favorite drink that hasn’t been listed here? Do let me know!

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