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5 Kitchen Trends of 2021

Feb 07, 2019         no comment.

It’s been over a year living through the pandemic. The world isn’t what we knew it was, and there’s no doubt COVID-19 has shaped the way we meet people, step out, behave or even live in our own homes. Whether you’re making your morning coffee at home, running errands online, or spending more time alone, things have changed and there’s no doubt that the future of kitchen design will also change with times.

When it comes to kitchen, few things are eternal – you want it to be clean, spacious, efficient and functional. Every year brings a new set of interior design ideas that promise to revamp kitchen designs and make them even more stylish. Whether you’re looking for a sleek new kitchen or looking for some design inspiration to spruce things up, here are 5 ideas that are trendy in 2021 –


While the look of wooden or marble kitchen tops are still in trend, quartz countertops are increasingly popular. They offer a modern, upscale look while being durable and easy to clean.



From pantry items to gadgets, your kitchen is full of stuff! With lesser space, more kitchens are facing storage issues. Additionally, space equals more money (rent or otherwise!) With that in mind, more kitchens now come with a wall-to-wall cabinetry.



Its 2021. Most of us are aware of our carbon footprint and making conscious efforts to reduce it for the sake of our planet. With that in mind, energy efficient, environmental kitchens are a big trend this year.



More people are finding innovative ways to use reclaimed wood in the kitchen. Wood adds a rustic touch to the kitchen, especially if used with modern cabinets.



If you’ve got a bigger space, a kitchen island increases your storage space, and adds character to the room. Many kitchen designs are now adding multi-level islands to the room, which gives options for prep space and comfortable seating.


With cool new kitchen brands popping up in 2021 and clever twists on old appliance designs in kitchen showrooms across the country, there are plenty of on-trend looks and state-of-the-art appliances to pick from.

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