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Caramel Chocolate Sandwich

Jul 23, 2012         11 comments.

Hello and welcome to FOODOMANIA!

This happens to be the first *new* post on this blog. Up until now, I had been blogging at Edible Entertainment. I finally got a new domain & host! 🙂 I thought I’d start the new blog with something sweet! 🙂
If you are pressed for time like me, I’m sure you’ve googled ‘quick dessert recipes’ or ‘quick recipes for dinner’ at least once. This warm chocolate sandwich happens to be one such dessert in a jiffy! Whether you’re looking for comfort food at midnight or want to make a quick dessert for a dinner party, this chocolate sandwich serves the purpose! Of course, you need to have a few ingredients on hand. But once that checklist is done, you really only have to toast the bread.
There are no rules for this dessert, except – serve it warm. You can do a whole lot of variations. Don’t have M&M? Garnish with chocolate shavings… Bored of chocolate? Use whipped cream topping. Fill with different nuts. Practically, anything you can do to make the dessert taste good. (& that means: more the chocolate, tastier is the dessert! ;))

(Print this recipe)

Prep Time – 10 min
Cook Time – 4-5 min
Makes – 1 sandwich (2 breads)

2 bread slices
6 tbsp milk
1 tbsp milk powder
1 tbsp cocoa powder (use more if you like dark flavor)
2 tsp sugar (more or less)
2 tbsp milk chocolate
1 tbsp blanched almonds
A handful of Gems / M&M’s
Caramel Sauce (make or buy)

1.  Add milk powder, sugar, coco powder to the milk and mix well.

2. Add the chopped milk (or dark) chocolate and bring it to a boil.

3. The chocolate will melt and incorporate into the milk to give you a chocolate sauce.

4. Heat ½ tsp butter on a pan. Apply chocolate sauce on one side of the bread slice and place the chocolate sauce covered side up on the

5. Fill one slice with nuts (and more chocolate pieces, if you wish)

6. Close the bread slice with the other one. Let it toast well (until crispy) on both sides.

To serve
a) Just drizzle some of that chocolate sauce and serve it as it is –

b) – Place the bread sandwich on a serving plate. Cut into two. Drizzle with the chocolate sauce.

– Pour in warm caramel sauce all over the sandwich.

– It doesn’t have to be perfect. It’s okay if the caramel sauce runs away! 😀

– Decorate the top with some gems / M&M candies and serve!

1) For the decoration, you could use whipped cream, buttercream, chocolate shaving, swirls, shards, candies etc! M&M are really easy to find and colorful so I used them.
2) If you wanna skip the decoration, just toast & have the sandwich. It is a delicacy in itself.
3) Caramel sauce can be bought or made at home.
4) Instead of making the chocolate sauce, get Nutella and you’re job would be a whole lot easier!

As a simple toast..

Served with Caramel and M&M candies! 😀

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