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Cheese and Vegetable Sandwich

Sep 10, 2012         one comment.

One of the reasons why I get to experiment a lot with food is because I am not responsible for ensuring that everybody at home is fed on time. That’s Ma’s job. So, I don’t mind spending an hour or 2 for every recipe. But I can fathom how some don’t like to spend more time in the kitchen than what’s absolutely necessary. “There isn’t enough time for making dinner, and you want me to make your fancy cakes?” – said a dear relative of mine to me. 😀 That’s when I realized the lack of simple and quick recipes on my blog. This sandwich, is my answer to all you people who have no time for themselves. Of course, it involves cheese, mayo or béchamel sauce. That’s how it becomes tasty! 😉 Feel free to skip any ingredient while you make it.

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Prep Time – 5 minutes
Cook Time – 4 minutes

Ingredients (Refer Note 5)
Bread Slices
Cheese Slices
White Sauce or Tomato Sauce or Mayonnaise
Fresh veggies, finely chopped (I used onion, cucumber,  tomato & corn)
Spices like oregano or thyme

1. Apply the white sauce on all slices of bread. (you can use tomato sauce too. But white sauce makes the sandwich really tasty)

2. Pile up 1 or 2 tablespoons of mixed fresh vegetables.

3. Tear half of the cheese slice & arrange it on the veggies. Sprinkle the oregano or thyme. Close with another bread which also has white sauce applied to it.

4. On a griddle / pan, melt 1 tsp of butter and carefully place the sandwich.

5. Let it toast on one side (at medium flame) for around 2 minutes. Then flip over and toast for further 2 minute

Serve with any sauce / dip



  1. I like my sandwiches to appear charred. So I keep my sandwich on slightly higher flame for longer. If you don’t like the burnt taste, keep it on medium for not more than 2 minutes
  2. Click here for step by step pics for making white sauce. It really melts with the cheese to give you a gooey interior. But if you have no time to make / buy mayo or white sauce, then tomato sauce would be okay too.
  3. Use fresh, local vegetables (that can be eaten raw) Obviously, you can choose vegetables that have to be cooked for longer. Example – cauliflower. The basic idea behind this sandwich is to get it done withing 5 minutes.
  4. Cheese is optional. But if you’re looking for comfort food, then do NOT avoid cheese. 🙂
  5. I haven’t specified measurements in the recipe because it varies according to how many sandwiches you want to make, how cheesy you want it to be, how much of veggies you want to add, etc.

Anybody can make this if all the ingredients are available. If you cannot make white sauce at home, you could either buy it or even replace with Mayonnaise.

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