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Chocolate Cake Pops

Jan 11, 2013         6 comments.

Cake Pops are the easiest treats you can make with a cake! All you need are a batch of cake, frosting and topping and you’re good to go! I have to apologize for not having any pictures of mine. But I wanted to share the recipe ASAP with you guys and I do have the step by step pictures! And you know I don’t repeat the successful recipes again! So I don’t see myself making cake pops again to get good pictures! 😉 So forgive me for borrowing the final pic from the internet! Please click on the link to go to the source!

Here’s how you do it –
You need –
A batch of cake (use any plain cake mix you please)
1/2 cup of frostin (use ganache or butter cream)
1/2 cup of topping (some kind of chocolate sauce. You can check out my ganache recipe)
strong sticks or straws or chopsticks

Start off by making a batch of moist cake. You could use a batch of any ready made cake mix. I stuck to my Butterscotch Blondies. They were moist & sticky.

Crumble the cake with your fingers / spoon.. nothing too fancy. Add a bit of frosting (like ganache or butter-cream) and mix well. I used a simple vanilla butter-cream.

Divide into equal portions & make small, firm balls

Melt some chocolate in the microwave, dip one end of the stick (like a thick straw or chopstick) in the chocolate and insert it in the center of the balls. Let that cool for 2 minutes until the chocolate inside firms up.

Dip each pop into the topping (my chocolate ganache) well until fully coated

Place each ball on a plate lined with parchment paper.

Let that cool in the refrigerator for a couple of hours until the topping thickens. Decorate however you want & serve! 🙂
(P.S: I promise to have a better presentation soon! :))

(Disclaimer: 2 pics from Mommygyan)

6 Comments on “Chocolate Cake Pops

  1. I tried making cake pops couple of mths ago but mine was a failure. The cake cracks and crumble. I gave and in the end, i made them into balls without the stick. Your pops sounds good.

    1. Hey.. you’re supposed to have a batch of moist cake… plus add enough frosting to the cake crumbles so that they hold shape! 🙂

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