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Do You Need Multivitamins?

Aug 13, 2019         no comment.

A guide to know all about multivitamins and their health benefits!

What exactly are multivitamins?

Multivitamins, as the name itself suggests, they are the combination of different minerals and vitamins along with some other ingredients. They are known with many names; Multi-minerals, multiples, multis or in simple terms, vitamins.

In addition to various names, multivitamins are also available in various forms. Tablets, powders, capsules, liquids and also in chewable gummies.

Wondering what multivitamins contain?? Continue reading…

They are rich sources of vitamins and minerals for sure. In addition, essentials like amino acids, herbs and fatty acids are also present.

They are available richly through foods. However, large number of today are being synthetically manufactured in laboratories.

Do they have any health benefits?

Human body requires multivitamins for regulation of body processes, reproduction, growth and maintenance. Studies reveal that 13 vitamins along with 16 minerals are very important for our body.

They help with functioning of molecules and enzyme reactions. It is said that they reduce the risk of cancer and heart-attack.


It was claimed that men taking multivitamins are less likely to be diagnosed with cancer.


35% of the women, who are taking multivitamins at-least for three years are found to be less exposed to the risk of heart attacks.

However, the nutrition experts of John Hopkins found that they do not reduce cancer or heart diseases. Instead, there are serious health issues when used in large amounts.

Health concerns:

Using multivitamins can have serious effects over your health, unless your doctor prescribes. These may be temporary. Yet, there is a need to know about these concerns. They can cause issues like diarrhoea, constipation and sometimes a very serious allergic reaction. You require immediate medical attention if you have the following symptoms:

  • Dizziness
  • Breathing trouble
  • Rash/itching (specially on tongue, throat and face

Who should take them?

There is a set of population who are allowed to take them. In other words, certain set are actually benefited from these multi-minerals. They are:

Old adults:

Vitamins like B12, D decreases with age. They also need calcium. Therefore, multivitamins act as supplements.

Vegetarians and Vegans:

Animal food is a rich source of vitamin B12. In addition, minerals like zinc and omega 3 fatty acids are not present in plant-based foods. Therefore, multi-minerals benefits them.

Pregnant ladies:

Similarly, doctors usually suggest pregnant women to take multis for developing immunity.

What kind of supplements should you take?

There are so many brands and types of supplements on the market, that it can get a bit overwhelming. A reliable brand I recently came across is Taj Valley. I got three of Taj Valley’s products: Turmeric Curcumin, Ashwagandha, and Ceylon Cinnamon. Built upon South Asian traditions – ancestors who used single herbs and blends as part of their everyday health and wellness routines – Taj Valley sources raw materials from farms in India and Pakistan, with a laser focus on organics. I’ve been using these products for the past week and here’s what I know –

  1. Turmeric Curcumin – Turmeric blended with the benefits of Black Cumin and Black Pepper Extract, has been used to support joint movement, immune and heart health, and much more. I personally find better gut health and digestive benefits too
  2. Ashwagandha – Popular for its rejuvenating benefits, Ashwagandha can help improve energy levelsrelieve stress, and has shown incredible results for lowering cortisol and balancing thyroid hormones. It is known as the medicine that improves immunity, and I certainly feel a spring in my step since I’ve been consuming Ashwagandha
  3. Ceylon Cinnamon – Known for its aroma, Ceylon Cinnamon can help with blood sugardigestive issues, and has numerous antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties impacting immune health and providing joint support. Cinnamon is extensively used in Indian cuisine and consuming it as a supplement only amplifies its health benefits

Do you really need multivitamins?

There are no shortcuts to keep your body healthy. Neither there are magic medicines which can prevent you from diseases.

It is very important to take right diet which provides your body with all essential vitamins and minerals. In conclusion, the golden tips for staying fit and healthy are “a proper diet, regular exercise, less sugars and fats and maintaining the right body weight”.

Eat healthy! Stay healthy! Happy eating!!

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