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Ebony and Ivory ~ a quick fix dessert

Aug 03, 2012         one comment.

There’s no doubt about Stevie Wonder being a legend. His songs make me feel so warm inside! 🙂 ♫ Isn’t she lovely ♫ was the first song of Stevie’s that I heard and loved. And ever since, my playlist has been cluttered with Stevie’s songs! Some which make me smile and some which make me come up with a decadent dessert! 😀 In 2010, when Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder sang Ebony and Ivory in the White House, I hummed along. And when I discovered this luscious cake, I drew essence from the song to make my own version of Ebony & Ivory. 🙂

I’m not going to be taking you through the recipe in the quintessential way. Well, there really IS no wrong way of making this. Chocolate cake, vanilla ice cream and lots of chocolate sauce. Could you ever overdo it? I don’t think so! 😉 😀

These photographs were clicked during the initial stages of blogging. And hence, they don’t look mind blowing. I never paid much attention to the presentation.  But you get the point, right? Chocolate and more Chocolate!!

Ebony = Brown color = Molten Chocolate Cake (warm)
Ivory = White color = Vanilla Ice Cream (cold)

That’s about it. On a serving plate, place the molten chocolate cake and a scoop of vanilla ice cream. If you wish, add chocolate sauce. Devour every bit!! 😛 😀

I recently posted on making your Molten Chocolate cake in the microwave. It takes around 2 minutes  to mix everything together and a further 1 minute to ‘bake‘ in the microwave. And I really don’t see the point of making Vanilla Ice Cream when every shop around the corner stores bucket-loads of it! 🙂

This could be a delicious dessert for birthdays, dinner parties, or just about any time the craving bitch strikes! 😉 😀


One Comment on “Ebony and Ivory ~ a quick fix dessert

  1. Amazing! You were right-it really took 5 minutes and I was in dessert heaven. The perfect fix for my evening. I was reading a great book and needed something chocalately divine without a lot of effort. I love baking, but the thought of doing dishes tonight was too much, you saved me!

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