50 Spooky Halloween Recipes | Dishes to make for Halloween

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50 Spooky Halloween Recipes

Oct 27, 2015         3 comments.

Browse through awesome Halloween Recipes from a list of over 50 fun & scary treats!

Aweosme, Fun, Scary & Freaky Recipes for Halloween | 50 Spooky Halloween Recipes Compiled & Written by Kavitha Ramaswamy of Foodmania.comRe-posting from 2014.

It is that time of the year again. Spooky recipes, scary costumes, kids “trick or treat”ing, lots of candy, pumpkin carvings all around… Yep, Halloween 2014 is here! 🙂 The freaky food is my favorite part though (big surprise!). You never hear about these Holidays when you grow up in India. But internet has truly made the world smaller. We increasingly see Indians celebrate Thanksgiving, Halloween and other holidays just for the fun element!

And here I have for you, 50 freaking amazing recipes that you can make for Halloween! Browse through the collection of Halloween Recipes like Bone Breadsticks, Owl cupcakes, Monster Cookies and so much more from some of the best sources on the internet! P.S: All recipes are vegetarian!

Hope you liked the collection! 🙂 I’d love to see your ideas for fun Halloween Recipes!

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3 Comments on “50 Spooky Halloween Recipes

  1. Hi, lovely and cute Halloween collections. Very creative, not only the kids love it, I’m sure the adults love it too. Thanks for sharing.

    Best regards

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