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Light House Cafe, Worli

Aug 01, 2019         2 comments.
We went to the Light House Cafe in Mumbai to try their famous deep-dish pizza..

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The first thing I noticed about the Light House Cafe was how well-lit it was. The afternoon sunlight gently bursting into the outdoor seating area of the cafe was admirable. We found ourselves perching into a cosy little corner of the cafe, in anticipation of the legendary culinary delights we were about to try!

Deriving the idea of inspiration and thought that is drawn from a light-bulb, the interior space is disconnected by the use of different lighting in each area giving the space, a raw and rustic ambience.

Light House Cafe

And that’s exactly what we found. The ambience at this place is so warm, friendly and classy that I found myself wishing for an office space just like this!

The menu is fairly all-inclusive. You’ll find numerous options for vegetarian and non-vegetarian food from Italian and Mexican cuisines. Given the prime location of the cafe and its offerings, I had anticipated a higher price point. But they pleasantly surprised me with their pricing. (although, it isn’t exactly “cheap”, it is affordable).

So let’s dive into the FOOD section.

We started off with some beverages. Since it was a working lunch, no alcohol was ordered. 🙂 We started off with some Peach Iced Tea, Berry Surprise and a Ginger Ale (each costed around INR 235 + taxes). I’d have to admit – the berry surprise was better than the other two (which were good, but nothing par excellence).

Beverages - Restaurant Review by Foodmania

Then came the appetizers. I – without a fail – always order some form of the jalapeno cheese balls. I love the dish. And Light House Cafe did not disappoint. Their Cheese Gherkin Balls (priced at INR 250 + taxes) were served with a spicy mayo dip. While delicious, I wish they’d have thought about adding some additional ingredients (like corn) for a better texture. The presentation was beautiful, but no one touched the greens in the middle! 🙂

Cheese Gherkin Balls from Light House Cafe - Restaurant Review by Foodmania

I’m yet to try a place where the Onion Rings aren’t dripping in oil. This one too was oily. HOWEVER, let me take a moment to mentally drool and then talk about the sweet-n-spicy dip served with these Onion Rings (priced at INR 235 + taxes). W-O-W. If I was irked by the oily rings, all was forgotten when I dipped them into this dip.

Onion Rings - Restaurant Review by Foodmania

Yet another dish in the “too-oily-for-my-liking” section is the Potato Wedges (priced at INR 250 + taxes). I’ve definitely had better wedges. The dip salvaged this dish, but even then, I’d say – you’re okay not having this.

Potato Wedges - Restaurant Review by Foodmania

Penne Arrabbiata (priced at a whopping INR 450), proved to be delightful. With a fresh arrabbiata sauce and pasta cooked to perfect al-dente, this dish scored it big for all of us. What’s even better is the garlic bread they served (slightly burned and oh-so-delicious) with the dish.

Pasta Arrabiata - Restaurant Review by Foodmania

I’ve never understood why restaurants charge so much for Pasta dishes. This Spaghetti Aglio e Olio (priced at INR 485 + taxes) is one of those pricing anomalies. How can such a simple dish cost so much money? However, all was forgotten when the dish arrived because of how it looked – elegant – and how it tasted – delicious.

Spaghetti Aglio e Olio Pizza From- Restaurant Review by Foodmania

And finally – the star of the afternoon – the Chicago Deep-Dish Pizza! It takes a good 45 minutes to 1 hour to make this dish! Yes, you heard that right! But it’s alright because you can warm-up with all the delicious appetizers and drinks they have on the menu! I called for the Verdure – a pizza with the freshest vegetables I’ve ever had! Italian vegetables with authentic mozzarella in a classic Pomodoro (tomato ) sauce – was uh-mazing!

Quick Tip: If you’re averse to certain veggies, you can always request your waiter to customize it to your preference.

Chicago Deep Dish Pizza From Light House Cafe, Worli Mumbai - Restaurant Review by Foodmania

They also run a few ongoing eating contests, which we didn’t dare to participate in. But one of the contests they run is – Eat an entire 12-inch pizza in 20 minutes and earn INR 25,000! Crazy!

Chicago Deep Dish Pizza From Light House Cafe, Worli Mumbai - Restaurant Review by Foodmania

In conclusion, I’d say we had a great time at the Light House Cafe. We spent a good 90 minutes chit-chatting and eating away merrily. For the amount of food we had, we paid about INR 6500 (for 5 people!) – which, in my opinion, is reasonable for such a fancy place!

For those who wish to go, here is the address – Sunville Building, Doctor Annie Besant Road, Love Grove Flyover, Siddharth Nagar, Worli, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400018

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