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40 Navratri Prasad Recipes

Oct 16, 2015         2 comments.

This list of Navratri Prasad Recipes will give you a wide variety of choices on what to make during this grand Indian festive season! If you are an Indian who celebrates the auspicious festival, you would love these simple, vegetarian, no-onion & no-garlic recipes!

Navratri Prasad Recipes by

(Reposted from 2014!)

Navratri translates to 9 Nights. 🙂 The festival of Navaratri / Navratri lasts for 9 Nights and 10 Days, during which time 9 versions of Shakti (or the Goddess) are worshiped.  As all Indian festivals are, this period too is celebrated with great pomp and show! Traditions vary from region to region, but largely – people follow a simple, sattvic diet, worship different Goddesses and share the “Prasad” (which is the food offered to the Goddess) with their friends and family. You can read a lot more about this festival here.

Food during Navratri is simple and light on the stomach (unlike other festivals where its all about deep frying!! 😀 ). Meat products are usually avoided during this period. Most people confine their diets to fruits and fruit juices and eating just once during the day. While South Indians avoid onion, garlic from their diets, North Indians are known to be more strict with their diet and allow only certain types of flours and grains to be consumed during the period. It would be difficult to exactly tell you what is followed, since traditions tend to vary so much. However, I’ve tried to put together a list of Navratri prasad recipes commonly prepared in various households.

Here’s the list –

Hope you enjoyed browsing through these simple Navratri Prasad Recipes! Let me know what is your speciality! What do you make around this time (if you do celebrate this festival!)

Sources – webgranth, all indian food blogs (click on links to go to their page)

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2 Comments on “40 Navratri Prasad Recipes

  1. Great article such an informative website. Love to make this Navratri Prasad on this upcoming Navratri. My mouth fills with water thanks for sharing this.

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