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Oma Podi (Sev)

Jul 18, 2012         2 comments.

These are your basic fried chickpea flour noodles. But they make a significant appearance in our festival goodie preparations. Every Diwali, Ma makes close to 2 kgs just to distribute among friends and family! We call this Oma Podi. (read: Oh-muh Poh-dee)

This is a deep fried goodie that is a lot of fun to make. You require a special Sev-Maker to squeeze out the thin noodle like sév. I don’t think a Pasta like noodle maker would work since the dough is really sticky. What you’re looking for is a vessel with tiny holes at the bottom; and something to press the dough out through those holes. We have a traditional Indian noodle maker that looks like this –

OMA PODI RECIPE | Sév recipe

(Print this recipe)

Prep Time: 30 minutes
Fry Time: 8 minutes
Makes – 4 cups of broken oma podi

3 cups – Chickpea Flour / gram flour / Besan
2 cups – Fine Rice Flour
2 tbsp – Salt (to taste)
2 tbsp – red chili powder (optional)
2 cups – Water (to knead)
1/2 cup – Carom Seeds
Oil for deep frying
** Here, cup can be taken to be around 200 grams. But whatever cup you are using, use the same for all ingredients so that it is proportionate

(Lay a newspaper on your kitchen table. It tends to get a bit messy!)
1. Sift both the flours SEPARATELY.
2. In a large mixing bowl, mix both the flours, salt & red chili powder together.
3.In a blender / mixer, grind the carom seeds to fine powder. Then, mix them with warm water. After 2 minutes filter the carom-seeds water (run it through a sieve) to get the carom seeds flavored water. Pour this little by little into the flour mix. THIS IS WHAT WE USUALLY DO TO GET THE FLAVOR. YOU CAN SKIP IT & USE PLAIN WATER OR ANY OTHER FLAVORED WATER TOO
4. Make a sticky dough soft enough to press it easily.

5. Heat oil for deep frying.
6. Stuff the SEV MAKER fully with the dough.

7. Close & slowly start pressing it & move your hands in a circular motion into the oil.

8. Once you make enough to fry it the oil, simply break the dough link with your fingers

9. Let it fry on one side for about 4-5 minutes & the other side for the same. Until it is slightly golden & crisp!

10. Remove in a tissue paper to absorb excess oil.


  • Since it is not possible to store it this way, we just crush it to make tiny bits & then store it.
  • Oma Podi can be eaten just like that or as a part of a Mixed savory Snack
  • You can also add juice of crushed garlic into the dough for a different flavor.

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