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Pillsbury Choco Chip Idli Cake

Oct 25, 2017         2 comments.

Pillsbury Choco Chip Idli Cake by Foodomania

Idli is a staple in our household. As South Indians, we eat this humble dish almost every other day. Steamed rice and dal cakes for a healthy breakfast? Why yes of course!

The process of steaming batter always gives a lovely soft texture that intrigues me. In fact, I sometimes prefer the texture of a steamed cake over a baked cake. It is undoubtedly softer and quicker to steam cakes than to bake them.  

Pillsbury Choco Chip Idli Cake by Foodomania

Which is why I was excited to try out the steamed Idli Cake when Pillsbury sent me 2 of their products. I was saving it to try for a special occasion. But when some unexpected guests showed up with their little ones in tow, I decided to bring out these goodies. There was no time to measure out ingredients to make a cake or brownie from scratch. Nor was the weather suitable to serve a dessert like ice-cream.

I knew my homemade samosas would be a hit with adults and kids alike. But I needed to find a dessert-fix that wouldn’t involve me being in the kitchen while they were out there catching up with my family. And I think the Pillsbury Idli Cake was a life saver! Not only did it take me less than 5 minutes to prep the whole thing, but from start to finish, I had made a cake in under 30 minutes!

Pillsbury Choco Chip Idli Cake by Foodomania

I’ll admit – I was a bit nervous whipping up something I had never tasted before. I like to serve dishes I’ve tried at least once. But I trusted the brand Pillsbury and I knew they could do no wrong. They were also kind enough to send me their Chocolate spread, thus saving me even more time! All I had to do once the Idlis were ready was to garnish them with the chocolate spread and some other fun toppings like chocolate chips, sprinkles, nuts, gems etc.

And as expected, the texture was super soft and the flavors fantastic. What we all really loved about the flavor was that it tasted so “homemade”.

Pillsbury Choco Chip Idli Cake by Foodomania

The Idli Cake comes in 2 flavors – The Rainbow Vanilla Cake and the Chocolate Chip Idli Cake. While I personally love both flavors equally, the kids of course prefer Chocolate over anything else!

Here is a quick video of the process of making these super cute, super delicious Pillsbury Choco-Chip Idli Cakes –

How to make the Pillsbury Choco-Chip Idli Cake –

Pillsbury Choco Chip Idli Cake by Foodomania

Empty the contents of the packet into a mixing bowl. Do not throw the packet away. There is a handy 80 ml mark provided on the packet. So you don’t even need a measuring bowl! Fill the packet upto the mark with milk and pour it onto the mixing bowl. Then add 2 teaspoons of Vegetable Oil.
Pillsbury Choco Chip Idli Cake by Foodomania

Mix to form a smooth, lump-free batter
Pillsbury Choco Chip Idli Cake by Foodomania

Grease an Idli plate with oil. Fill 3/4ths of each groove with batter. Steam in cooker or steamer till the choco chip idlis are fully cooked. It can take anywhere between 20 and 30 minutes.
Pillsbury Choco Chip Idli Cake by Foodomania

Let the idli cool at room temperature in the Idli mold for 5 minutes. Then gently loose the sides and remove the Idlis
Pillsbury Choco Chip Idli Cake by Foodomania

Apply some of the Pillsbury Chocolate Paste on top of each idli. Also decorate with chocolate chips or sprinkles or gems or anything you like!
Pillsbury Choco Chip Idli Cake by Foodomania

Fastest cake you’ll ever make!
Pillsbury Choco Chip Idli Cake by Foodomania


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