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Pillsbury’s Chocolate Cooker Cake

Jan 04, 2018         9 comments.

Use the Pillsbury Choco Cooker Cake Mix to make a delicious, spongy and easy cake within 30 minutes!

Pillsbury Choco Cooker Cake Recipe

Fresh cake in no time? Why, yes please!

Using this eggless choco cooker cake mix, I whipped up a fantastic cake within minutes; and it was as simple and amazing as any really good homemade chocolate cake ever could be!   

Pillsbury Choco Cooker Cake Recipe

As much as I find baking therapeutic, it involves an amalgamation of a bunch of ingredients and steps – for which I may not always have the time or energy. So, what do I do on days like these? Turn to baking mixes that require very little from me. Having loved the Idli cake before, I was looking forward to trying more cake mixes from Pillsbury.

Pillsbury Choco Cooker Cake Recipe

One day, before a very stressful meeting, I found myself craving for something sweet and homemade. As I started rummaging the pantry, searching for ingredients to make something sweet, I found the Pillsbury Choco Cooker Cake Mix laying around.

I decided to give it a try, since I wasn’t too enthusiastic about measuring my ingredients anyway. To my surprise, not only was the cake super moist and spongy, it tasted so much better than any store-bought chocolate sponge cakes I’ve ever had! From start to finish, it took me less than 30 minutes to put the whole thing together. And all the while, it filled my kitchen and home with a wonderful aroma that got my family out of slumber and waiting to devour every bit of the cake.

Pillsbury Choco Cooker Cake Recipe

And the best part was that it took barely any time or skill to make this cake. No fuss or hassle for measuring ingredients, getting the proportions right, etc. And it tastes exactly like a wonderfully spongy homemade chocolate cake.

It has quickly become our go-to recipe every time we have a craving for a super soft slice of chocolate cake.

Here is the video tutorial –

Choco Cooker Cake – Recipe – Step by Step Pictures

Cut open the pack and add the cake mix to a mixing bowl
Pillsbury Choco Cooker Cake Recipe

Add milk in the same cover upto the milk mark and pour it on the mix. Also add 2 Tablespoon
Pillsbury Choco Cooker Cake Recipe

Mix to form smooth, lump free batter
Pillsbury Choco Cooker Cake Recipe

Pour into a greased cake pan. Place in a cooker which has water upto 5 cm.
Pillsbury Choco Cooker Cake Recipe

Close and cook without a whistle for 20-30 minutes or until the cake is well done.
Pillsbury Choco Cooker Cake Recipe

Loosen the edges and invert the cake on a plate. Let the cake cool completely.
Pillsbury Choco Cooker Cake Recipe

Apply some Pillsbury Milk Choco Spread on the cake and decorate with the sprinkles and topping mix provided in the packet.
Pillsbury Choco Cooker Cake Recipe

Serve the cake as desired!
Pillsbury Choco Cooker Cake Recipe

This has by far been one of the quickest, easiest, softest cakes I’ve ever made!

This post has been sponsored by Pillsbury India. For making easy and tasty cakes at home, pick up their range of products and cake away!


9 Comments on “Pillsbury’s Chocolate Cooker Cake

  1. Hi..nice article and video! I am new to making cakes. I have some doubts. Should the pan in which we pour the cake batter touch the water below? and should the heat be low or medium? Please help. Thanks in advance!

    1. Hello!

      So, advisable not to have the pan touch the water. I invert a flat pan on the water and place the pan with cake batter on top of it.
      Heat can be medium, high etc. It’s just like steaming Idlis. Depending on heat, cooking time will vary.

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