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Pizza Pinwheel

Oct 20, 2012         5 comments.

Once upon a time in RK’s kitchen, yeast flatly refused to dance to RK’s tunes. No matter how hard she tried, the yeast didn’t budge. Dejected and clueless, RK went about her mission despite the lack of cooperation from her beloved Yeast. And Voila! She got the same (if not better) results even without the yeast’s charm. Seeing this, the yeast realized its Mistress’s worth. And not once has it been unfaithful to her since then. πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€Moral of the story. I failed in ‘proving’ my yeast once and hence my dough didn’t rise. But still, the rolls I baked were delicious! Don’t ask me how. I don’t know the biology. πŸ˜› All I know is that these pizza pinwheels I baked were gorgeous!


(Print this recipe)


For the dough
All purpose flour – 1 cup
Yeast – 1 teaspoon
Sugar – 1 teaspoon
Salt – 1/4 teaspoon (to taste)
Mixed herbs – 1 teaspoon
Olive Oil – 2 tablespoons (or any veg oil)

For the filling
4 minced garlic cloves
1/4 cup chopped onion
1/4 cup chopped capsicum
2 tbsp chopped basil
Mozarella Cheese
Tomato Ketchup

I. Making the dough
Warm the water
Add the sugar & mix

Add the yeast & mix for a minute

Set aside for 5 minutes . It should turn frothy

Mix flour, salt, mixed herbs (optional) & olive oil & mix well

Add the yeast-water. Knead for 10 minutes to get a soft dough

Let it rest for 45 minutes-1 hour or until it doubles up in volume.

II. Making the pinwheels
Preheat oven to 180C or 360F
Punch down the dough in the middle. Make 2 portions of the dough
On a flat surface, sprinkle some flour
Roll out one portion of the dough as much as possible vertically (I mean, one side longer than the other)

Apply sauce on the top surface leaving all the edges
Distribute the minced garlic, chilli all over the rolled out dough

Add vegetables of your choice. Do not add too much though or it’ll be difficult to roll it.

Grate cheese on top of the veggies

Sprinkle oregano/chilli flakes on top.
Start rolling like a cigar from the breadth (shorter side) along the length.

Once you finish rolling, seal all sides with your fingers.
Cut the roll into smaller rolls. Depends upon how big your roll is. I’d say you can cut about 2 inches wide rolls.

Grease & line a baking tray with butter paper.
Arrange these pinwheels on the tray. Maintain distance between 2 rolls as they still expand.

Leave them for about 20 minutes to rise again.
Give the rolls a milk or butter wash. (Drizzle melted butter/milk on the top)
Bake at 180C/360C for 15-20 minutes (timing varies with ovens, monitor closely)
Remove, drizzle more cheese on top (optional) and herbs & serve

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