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Quick Birthday Chocolate Cake

Sep 07, 2012         23 comments.

If you’re looking for a quick cake with frosting – this is it! From start to finish, it takes 1.5 hours (including the chilling time)!
Coming to the recipe, it is pretty easy to put together the whole thing. If you’re organized, this shouldn’t take more than 1 hour. And I’m including the waiting time here! The frosting looks attractive on a simple sponge cake and is my go to recipe for whenever I need to make something fancy really quickly.


You’ll need –
1 Chocolate Sponge Cake (click Here for step-wise recipe)
1 cup of chocolate frosting (click here for an easy recipe)
Some M&M’s to decorate (optional)

1. Start with a completely cooled Chocolate sponge cake (if you have a normal vanilla sponge, by all means, use that)

2. Keep your frosting ready. I made a very quick & easy chocolate frosting. You can of course use chocolate ganache or any frosting you like. I did not chill it. But the frosting should keep good in the refrigerator for a couple of days.

3. With a fork, prick the cake top all over. I’d say in around 10-15 areas spread all over the cake. (This step is optional. I just assumed the frosting would seep into the cake :P)

4. Brush the top of the cake with very little milk (optional)

5. Slowly, pour the frosting on the cake.

6. If the frosting is too thin, it will immediately run all around. If it is too thick, you may have to spread it yourself. Mine was medium. It could hold its form as well as pour like a liquid which was perfect.

7. With a spatula or a large flat spoon, spread the frosting all over the top.

8. If you want, you can cover the sides too. However, I wanted to show off the sides of my amazing sponge cake so I stuck to just frosting the top πŸ™‚ And you can really leave it like that. I kind of wanted a messy looking top to make it feel more homey! πŸ™‚

9. Or, you could decorate it however you like. I just had some gems (M&Ms) at home so used that for the border.
10. You can cut & enjoy instantly or chill it and then serve.


  1. You might have noticed this doesn’t have many rules. Cake decoration is mostly your imagination’s work.
  2. I preferred having this without chilling and without the M&Ms. Once chilled, the cream tends to thick which is nice. But I enjoyed the warm chocolate cream flavor more. It really is upto you now! πŸ˜€
  3. It really is very easy to make and I believe everyone should know how to make a basic chocolate cake with chocolate frosting

If you’re too lazy to make a cake then you can always have cupcakes delivered to your birthday buddy.Β  Shari’s Berries has several options to choose from, but there are a million places on the internet to find them.


23 Comments on “Quick Birthday Chocolate Cake

  1. awesome when is radhika birthday? i can safely assume part of that cake is for me too.. wait till tommorow hehe

    my hubby has been pestering me to make that brownie thing again

    but i didnt get chance

    so i think wud take this one only now

    Happy birthday radhika

  2. Forget the past, Ya I’m very good at that. forget the present, fine with me and I forgive you for that. But not parcelling me such a drool worthy chocolatey cake is too much. Thanks for this surprise bash and making this day very special for me Kavitha.

  3. Hey.. So instead of the milk in this frosting if we add cream and a tbsp of butter, it will be called chocolate ganache right?

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