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How to demold cake from cake tin

Sep 11, 2012         13 comments.

I’m here with another post for my Baking 101 series! In my last post, I talked about how to properly grease and line a baking tin. Greasing & Lining basically prevents your baked goodie from sticking to the sides of your baking tray. Now, an equally important task is to un-mould your cake or brownie. (The others like cookies, muffins, breads etc. are fairly easy) You may have followed the recipe to the ‘T’, mixed properly, set the temperature right; but unless you master the art of removing the cake from a cake tin, you won’t get to look at the beauty! 😀

Now, it may sound like a big deal. But it really isn’t that hard. The key to getting out a cake in its full form without disintegrating is REST. Yep, you’ve got no other option. Ever tried getting out a cake while its still hot from the oven? No? Well, then don’t. Seriously, its not worth the risk. All the cake needs is 5 minutes of resting time IN the oven and 5 minutes in the baking tin once it is out. (further 20-30 minutes to completely cool down before frosting. But that’s a different story!)

Let’s unmould a cake, shall we? The same applies to other baked goodies like brownies too.

STEP 1: Once your time in the oven is up and it beeps, do not open the oven door. Let the cake in the baking pan sit in there for another 5 minutes. Even during this time, it is cooking!
STEP 2: Get the baking pan out and leave it at the kitchen counter for another 5-10 minutes.

STEP 3: Take a long knife and run it along the edges to loose the cake. By doing this, you are making it easy for the cake to come out while ensuring nothing is sticking to the sides.

STEP 4: Take a large plate (one that covers the entire baking tin) and place it on the baking tin.

STEP 5: Now, lift the plate along with the baking pan and invert the whole thing. Now, the positions are reversed. The baking tin sits on the plate.

STEP 6: Very gently, loosen the tin and lift it off. Now, if you had greased and lined your tin before well, then the tin should come right off leaving no cake bits on it.

 another look at the perfectly de-molded cake!

STEP 7: Very carefully, tear off the parchment paper from the cake.

STEP 8: Take another serving plate and place it on the cake and invert it. If you’re confident enough, you can do this with your hands too. Basically, we want to invert to bring the top side up! 😀

DONE! You can now cut and enjoy your cake! 😀

Of course, if you want to frost the cake, let it cool completely.

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13 Comments on “How to demold cake from cake tin

  1. Hello kavitha
    filling the cake in the tin in quantity pls clarify
    you are the best in baking receipes specially cake tommorow i will try your dinner roll (pav) thanks once again

  2. Hi RK,

    Great tutorial! Nice to learn so much baking tips and techniques from you. Now following you at Pinterest and Twitter 😀

    Like you too at Facebook 😀


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