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Setting the oven temperature (convection)

Sep 18, 2012         85 comments.

I’m here with a short and somewhat shabby post for my Baking 101 series! Shabby because I clicked the pictures in a hurry and it is obviously.. well, shabby! 😛 😀 But I think you’re going to appreciate the knowledge (gyaan) I’m gonna share with you today! 😀 That of setting the temperature correctly in a convection oven. It includes pre-heating too!Now, I’m not an expert baker. But I have answered over 20 emails from different people asking about the basics of baking, temperature, lining etc. Which is why I started Baking 101 in the 1st place. Please note that every oven varies. What I’m sharing is how I set the temperature in MY convection oven. If you have an OTG, that would differ. So be sure to read the manufacturer’s manual.

I own an Onida Black Beauty Microwave Convection Oven. I do my baking, cooking, and microwaving in this very oven and barring a few mishaps in the beginning, this oven has been working perfectly for me. And one of the functions on any Convection Oven is : BAKE. And this is how you go about it..

STEP 1: Switch on the Oven. 😛

STEP 2: Turn the knob to the right and you’ll see a list of options like ‘Heat, Grill, Bake, Combi etc. Select the BAKE option and press the start / enter button once. – again, ovens vary so you have to read manufacturer’s manual to know how to select the bake option

STEP 3: When you hit enter/ start, the oven shows its default temperature. (200 C in mine). Rotate to reach the desired temperature as per the recipe.

STEP 4: Hit start / enter button once again. The default tine is shown at 0:00 . If you want to preheat the oven, then hit start/enter button again without setting the time.

STEP 5: The oven will start pre heating. There are small lines in my oven which shows when the oven reaches the set temperature. As soon as it reaches the temperature it will beep. (If you don’t stop here it will still continue to heat and that’s okay)

STEP 6: Once the oven beeps, hit the STOP button once.

STEP 7: Open the oven door. You will notice that the time is re-set at 0:00. DO not press start yet

STEP 8: Put the baking tin in.

STEP 9: At this point, set the required time you want by rotating the knob to the time. (or however you do it)

STEP 10: Close the door. And now you press the start button! Finally, you’re baking is happening! Yay! 😀

Again, I cannot stress enough about the fact that our ovens may vary. So you will have to read the instruction manual. But this can be the basic blueprint to preheating your oven 🙂

85 Comments on “Setting the oven temperature (convection)

  1. Hello… Thanks for this useful info. i own the same oven.. I baked mug cake pre heating 180 degree for ten min.. This was 2 min cake.. Process.. It came out nice… thanks a bunch ☺☺☺

  2. hi i m using black beauty 21pc plz say me cookheat is not working whats seeting about

  3. Nice explanation. I have onida black beauty pc23 I want to know what are the utensils used in the combination mode C1 C2 C3 and C4 please explain anybody knows.thanku.

  4. I have the onida black beauty pc23.though I set the temp and time my cake does not bake well. It does not rise and remains uncooked in centre…where am I going wrong…

  5. This was really very helpful because I own the same onida PC 23 microwave convection oven. Thanks!!
    But if you can add more about how to use black beauty PC 23, it would me more helpful for me as I’m a rookie in this oven things… ?

    1. Hello,
      Recipes tend to vary for each. You can make any recipe you would in an OTG oven in this oven too. Follow the same steps as in the recipe. I would however ask you to reduce the temperature by 10/20C in a convection oven than given in the recipe

  6. Hey I am using this oven only . To make any item should we preheat our oven in bake mode only, if we want to do grilled chicken etc then how to preheat?? Pls help

  7. Hi Kavita,
    I want to make cupcack in onida black beauty.can I use baking mode .Also want to dt can I use paper cupcack mould in it

  8. Hi Kavita,
    I own a onida black beauty PC23.I am trying banna cake ,as u told i coverd with aluminum foil for first 20 min and bake 40 min in 150 degrees still middle was soupy not full cooked.
    what might be the reason.can u help.third time my cake goes flop 🙁

  9. Hi Kavitha.

    hope u r well

    i have an querry.., i own an Onida PB28 Microven convention and but i could not able to bake a cake properly.

    the outer of the cake will be baked and inner and middle of it baked.

    please guide me on the same on temperature settings also.

    i have just kept idle.


    Sukanya J

      1. Hi Kavita ,

        I have same Black Beauty Microwave & yesterday when I used Bake option that time my cake was half baked( in the middle was soupy ) please tell me what can I do & can I used metal or aluminium pot when I am baking dishes because in the manual book they mentioned don’t use aluminium foil & pot .

  10. Hi…
    I have got midea microwave oven with grill.. my problem is that there is no temperature adjustment.. only power adjustment like P100, P80 it shows in terms of power of oven. And there is only 2 options, microwave and Grill/ combination. I can’t make cake or anything with kinda power adjustment.. I can’t understand the temperature behind this can I adjust the temperature at 325 C using this oven to bake cake..I’m getting mad with this oven. Plz try to help me to use this..plz..plz…help me out..I bought it just 2 days before.. so how can I throw it out…

  11. Nicely explained, Its also an important fact that setting an oven temperature, Maintain oven temperature is help for better cooking.

  12. How do I change the temperature on my oven? It shows the power (500W,700W,900W etc) but no temperature.
    and I cant find any bake option. 🙁
    there is a microwave+grill option though.

    1. Which oven is it? I’m not familiar with this kind… But I think it is a safe bet to keep the lower temperature (500W) for baking cakes, cupcakes etc. and higher temp (700/800W) for baking breads. If you could send me a picture of the oven settings, I’ll be able to help you out.. email feedback(at)foodomania(dot)com

  13. Hi, thanks for a detailed step to step method. I followed it yesterday & finally I could preheat it. I baked a simple pound cake at 180c for 13 minutes (100gm) batter. Unfortunately the cake didn’t get brown at the top. It was baked, but the texture was dense. I would like to know is there some calibration problem in my oven. Should I bake it at a higher temperature ? Thanks a lot !

    1. Cakes are usually never baked at such a high temperature. You may want to re-check the recipe. I don’t know why your cake didn’t brown. But if it was dense, you are probably using lesser fat and more flour. Please go through the recipes on my blog for various cakes and try one of those.. If you still find a problem, then you may want to get your oven checked!

  14. i purchase onida power convection 20 chef but i dont know how to use it for baking and cooking and also how pre heat pls help me

    1. Hello,

      I strongly suggest you refer to the MANUAL that came with your oven. It would have all the steps written clearly to use in different modes like cooking & baking. This method I have written is for BAKING option in convection mode

      1. Hi Kavitha,

        Thank you for sharing procedure how to prepare set oven for cake – even i have same oven at my oven but don’t have recipe book, if you can share recipe book it will be really helpful for other cooking items for setting oven temperature.

  15. Hi Kavitha,

    You are a life saver!!… I purchased the oven last year and for the life of me couldn’t understand how to switch to the normal electric mode (the person who gave us a demo only managed to scare us with instructions like
    1) don’t use metal utensil!!!…
    2) don’t do this….don’t do that gyaan
    and I’m ashamed to admit, it was only used only to heat food this past year…
    I finally baked a cake yesterday thanks to your elaborate (with pictures) instructions on how to get the oven on convection mode… I look forward to visiting your site often, cheers!!!

  16. I have Onida blackbeauty convention. The cake bakes better in convention mode or in the simple bake option ?

    I baked the chocolate lava cup cake as per the instruction given in the recipe but it did not bake properly.

  17. i hav recently bought yasuda company microwave oven..n i m nt been able to use those…how can i set temp.there is nt any option or m i nt been able to see that..there is onlyy option to set tym..plzzz help..:(

    1. Hi Lorean. I really don’t know that brand. Why don’t you refer to the manual that came with the machine? If you’re still not able to figure it out, send me some pictures of the oven and I’ll try to see if I can help..

  18. Hi!!!!
    I hav got an onida black beauty microwave…
    I tried to bake cake in convection mode but all the tim cake bake at edges but remained unbaket at bottom…what shiuld i do…wht temp. Nd tim shold i set

    1. I’ve said it in the article too. It takes a longer time for cakes to bake in convection. You’ve got to cover the baking pan with aluminum foil, bake for 40 minutes at a lower temp. and then remove the foil and bake for a further 5-10 minutes. The temperature is usually 140-150 C.

  19. I want to know how to cook chicken as we cook at home .chicken like with little gravy.plz give me ideas of cooking it

  20. Dear Kavitha ji,
    I have purchased new Onida blackbeauty PB 28 with 123 menus oven. I want to know for which type of bowls can use for microwave, convection and barbecue. Please let me know briefly please. I am confusing with manual. And how to prepare normal sponge cake.

    1. 1) plastic bowls that come with the oven for microwave
      2) aluminum baking pans for convection
      3) grill stand that cones with oven for bbq

  21. Thanks kavitha. But Aluminum can we use in microwave for banking. In manual itself they are given the instruction for metal dishes should not be use. please clarify.

    1. In MICROWAVE CONVECTION, there are 2 main functions –
      1) Microwave
      2) Baking

      You cannot use Aluminum while Microwaving. You can only use
      those plastic utensils that come with the oven or buy microwave safe glass dishes.

      For baking function (or convection function) of the oven, you cannot use the plastic or glass.. You can use aluminum pans or other bakeware

  22. Thanks for your suggestion. I want to know for cake making what type bowls can we use. please suggest best online shopping for microwave safe bowls.

  23. I have purchased new Onida Blackbeauty 28L Oven. But I enable to use it. Please let me know what type materials we can use and Cake mouled where can I get in Bangalore. Which material is suggestable for baking items.

    1. Hi, I suggest you read the manual that comes with the oven. They have given clear instructions. Since I don’t live in Bangalore, I don’t know where you can find baking supplies there. But a safe bet is to do a Google search.

      1. Thanks for your suggestion. I want to know for cake making what type bowls can we use. please suggest best online shopping for microwave safe bowls.

  24. I m so confused plz clear me is BAKING another name of CONVECTION or they are different modes in onida black beauty 28 litre, coz we dont see ny convection option in its display??

  25. Hi Kavitha…We have Onida Power Convection 21 model bought around 6 years ago…used the oven for a maximum of four or five times…and for the first time(almost after 5yrs gap) we used the convection mode today to bake a cake following some recipes in cookery website. Initially, we have cleaned the microwave by keeping a bowl of water with lemon inside and heated that for 10 min for the formation of steam on the walls of the oven. Everything is fine. But the problem is in the convection mode of the oven. As you know we have to pre-heat the oven for sometime at 180 degrees and then bake the cake at same temperature. Although we’ve sensed no heat after pre-heating the oven, we continued to bake the cake for 30 min. But the batter remained the same as the convection mode produced no heat at all. No sound of fan. Nothing. Then we tried cooking the cake with P 100 for 5 min which produced some heat and the sound has also come. So we continued for 20 more minutes which resulted in disaster!!! The cake was burnt, decayed with foul smell and our time, money, energy wasted…Why this happended??? We have tried with different temperatures later with empty oven. But there is no use. Can you throw some light on this issue???

    1. Hello Manoj,

      Firstly, you should have gotten your oven checked before using. An oven that hasn’t been used in so long would have resulted in some faults.

      As you said, your oven produced no heat when you tried to “preheat”. I’m no oven-expert, but I do think there must be something wrong with the heating system. The P100 in which you tried to cook the cake is actually the microwave function. And in the microwave setting, cakes get “cooked” in as short as 5-10 minutes… which is why your cakes got burned… Try microwaving something for a long time.. it will definitely burn.

      I suggest you either get a new oven or get this one repaired. Also, I prefer using OTG for baking most of the times because I feel it gives better results than a microwave. An OTG these days cost less than Rs. 3000.. Hope this helps.

  26. M using onida blackbeauty microwave but m still confuse with the fact pre-heat. i want to know for how many min. we have to heat the oven and in which degree..please help me.

    1. Hi.. This tutorial is pretty elaborate on how to pre-heat your convection oven. Please take a print of this & follow the steps exactly and you should be able to preheat. As for which degree, that totally depends on the recipe you are following, so I cannot help you there! In a microwave convection, you’ll hear a “BEEP” when the oven is preheated to the degree you have set. You don’t have to heat it for “X” minutes..

  27. hi, i have he same oven. but everytime I try baking a cake the top of the cake forms a dark coloured biscuit like crust . i tried varying the temperatures and the times many times only to get dissapointed everytime. either the cake doesnt cook well inside or it forms a dark crust. Please enlighten me on this

  28. even i have the same microwave. many times i have tried baking. most of times my cake rises and then sinks. which lead to a disastrous cake. please suggest me a good cake recipe with all baking steps

    1. Hi,

      There are many reasons as to why cakes sink after baking. Some of them are – cake hasn’t fully cooked through, oven too hot so it cooks the outside quickly leaving the insides undercooked, etc. (Just do a google search for more reasons)

      My best guess (assuming you’re following the recipe exactly) is to cover your baking dish with an aluminum foil before baking.

      Try my “CAKES” section –
      I have tons of cakes & brownie recipes without eggs that work well every single time for me. Also, I have step by step pictures so it’ll be easy for you to follow 🙂

  29. Hi kavitha…. I am using onida black beauty P23 MW oven, I hav been repeatedly asking abt d convection mode, still din get it.. Evn nt here.. Again lemme repeat, is it C1 (cook/heat+bake)….. To get the desired brown effect. Am confused coz C1 doesn show not nly bake, but it showz cook/heat
    too…. So is it fine to bake cake here… Plz reply.

    1. The post is pretty clear. Please read every step clearly.

      You don’t have to use the Combinations at all for baking. When you rotate to your right, why are you going to combination? Rotate upto BAKE option, click enter, set the temperature & click the start button.

      For the time being, forget C1, C2 etc..

  30. this is for me kavi and thanks for detailed instruction and if u r still login just ans me one question

    shud we stop after first beep or second beep

    and in ur pic it shows one red line so how many red lines shud be there

    pls do ans when and if u do get online

    as i think i m goofing there only


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