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How to make Tamarind Water ~ for sambar, rasam

Aug 21, 2012         4 comments.

A really quick post on how to make Tamarind Water or extract Tamarind pulp at home. Sambar & Rasam are two of the most common sides featuring in a South Indian meal. We make it almost everyday. And tamarind forms the base for both these dishes. I know people who buy ready-made  tamarind pulp to make their job easier. But my mom has never used store bought tamarind pulp. Everyday, she extracts the tamarind pulp required for Sambar or Rasam. This is how she does it and I find it to be really simple and much more economical.

HOW TO MAKE TAMARIND JUICE | Extract tamarind pulp at home | Tamarind water for sambar. rasam etc.

You’ll need
Tamarind fruit | Imli

To make
1. Roughly tear the tamarind to bits and pour enough water to cover the tamarind.
2. Heat it either in the microwave or on the stove for 1 minute. (This softens the tamarind and it starts to release its juice)

3. Let it rest for 2-3 minutes.
4. Pour the water into another bowl

5. Add fresh water to the tamarind.

6. Using your hand, squeeze the tamarind to release its pulp
7. Filter it out. *You don’t need a sieve of cloth to filter. Just use your hand as barrier from the tamarind.

That’s about it!

1. Depending upon how sour you want your dish to be, use required tamarind.
2. This recipe is usually used for soup like dishes.
3. If you want a thick paste, use less water and more tamarind.
4. Instead of heating the tamarind, you can even soak it in water for 15-20 minutes. Heating up just speeds the process.

4 Comments on “How to make Tamarind Water ~ for sambar, rasam

  1. Kavitha, what brand of tamarind do you use? The regular ones in the gorcery stores here carry Laxmi brand. I end up taking as much amount of seeds, scraps, outer shell bit etc. Even the more expensive, ‘wet tamarind’ from this Co. carries seeds in it. We use or aged and salted tamarind but I have stopped carrying it from India.

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